Professional bridesmaid reveals her worst groom horror stories

Professional bridesmaid reveals her worst groom horror stories – including one who cheated with SIX strippers on the stag do and another who invited all his exes to the big day

  • Tiffany Wright, 36, from Oxfordshire, works as a professional bridesmaid
  • Has been paid to go undercover to spy on grooms and reveals worst stories
  • Includes one who asked his fiancée to lose three stone before their wedding day

A professional bridesmaid has revealed the worst things grooms she’s encountered have done ahead of their wedding day – including one who cheated on his bride with six strippers.  

Tiffany Wright, 36, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, started up her business back in 2016. 

She is often paid to go ‘undercover’ in the run-up to and during weddings, helping out brides by undertaking any requests they may have, which often includes keeping an eye on the groom.  

Tiffany told how she has also been asked to organise hen do ‘bootcamps’ to help slim down chunky bridesmaids, spy on a stag party in Ibiza and try on wedding dresses.

The serial wedding guest has truly seen it all – from a groom who wouldn’t marry his fiancée unless she lost four stone, to another who walked down the aisle with bright red eyebrows.

Speaking to FEMAIL, here she shares some of her top groom horror stories – and tales of her of self-confessed bridezilla clients.

Tiffany Wright, 36, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire  (pictured) is a professional bridesmaid who helps out brides on their big day

Tiffany often goes undercover as a guest or bridesmaid to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly. She is pictured dancing with a wedding guest on one of her jobs

The groom who cheated with six strippers on his stag do

I was employed by a bride who was very concerned about her groom’s stag do, and wanted me to find out as much as I could about what was planned. 

I was given the groom’s itinerary for the stag do, which was in London, and had the task of following him around secretly to check on his behaviour. 

The night ended at a strip club in central London, where he was dragged up on stage by numerous strippers, and lots of sex acts were instigated. 

After the ‘performance’ I watched as he invited them all into a private room and then had to witness his stags share ‘banter’ about what was going on in there. 

I revealed all to the bride the following day – and the wedding was called off. 

The ‘undercover’ bridesmaid undertakes all normal duties, such as organizing hen parties. She is pictured acting as a bridesmaid at a client’s wedding 

The professional bridesmaid started her business in 2016 and has shared some of her top wedding horror stories

The groom who wanted to invite all of his exes to the wedding 

One bride contacted me as she didn’t know how to deal with a wedding dilemma she was facing. 

Her groom was insisting on inviting ALL of his former flames to the wedding – including his latest ex, whom he had proposed to! 

In the end I had to sit down with the groom and explain that it was not okay and that exes should certainly not be on the guest list!

The groom who dyed his hair and eyebrows bright red the day before the wedding 

One stag do party thought it would be ‘hysterical’ if they all dyed their hair bright red the day before the wedding. 

Tiffany has been enlisted to go with brides to try on wedding dresses-  or just do it for them

They even dyed the groom’s eyebrows and beard red too. On the morning of the wedding I was summoned at 7am by a petrified groom asking what the hell he could do! 

We ended up finding a hairdresser that was open 10 miles away who had to dye his hair back minutes before the wedding ceremony.

The groom who said he would only marry his bride if she lost three stone before the wedding day 

One bride called me in a state asking my advice on hiring a personal trainer as her groom had given her an ultimatum. 

He said he would only proceed with the wedding, which was four months away, if she lost four stone. 

Rather than encouraging her to do this, I stayed with her for hours and we talked about if he was really the man she should marry if he was insisting on her doing this. 

She decided not to and the wedding was cancelled. She has since got engaged to a lovely man who loves the way she looks! 

The groom who picked the wrong best man 

I had a bride who was really nervous about the best man’s speech, so I had to Skype him and listen to it to make sure it was okay.

It was AWFUL. He committed every sin in the book – mentioned exes, said their sex life would go downhill once they got married, and even revealed that the groom fancied one of the bridesmaids.

I had to give him a ‘best man bootcamp’ to make sure he did his job respectfully! 

Another nightmare was when the best man revealed in his speech that he had slept with all of the bridesmaids and the bride – and then went on to rate them out of 10. 

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