Queen Elizabeth Can’t Stand It When Famous People Try To Do This at Royal Parties

Being a member of the royal family has quite a lot of perks: The royals get to wear fancy clothes and jewelry, live in some of the most sought after residences in the world, and have a huge fan base. However, along with these benefits certainly come some drawbacks too.

Members of the royal family often find it hard to go out in public alone. Specifically, senior royals — such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — would likely find it difficult to go unnoticed, and they have to consider their safety. This is why we see strict security guards protecting the royals at all times. 

Members of the royal family aren’t the only high-profile individuals who always have security with them. Hollywood celebrities are known to bring their guards wherever they go. And, as we are well aware, United States presidents and their families always have protection. 

Queen Elizabeth is one of the most famous women in the entire world. It is not likely that she can ever step out without having tight security with her at all times. The queen often appears serious and focused whenever she is carrying out official business.

But many people don’t realize that her majesty also has a fun side. It has been said that she loves a good time, and some reports say she is a spectacular hostess. Surely, even the most well-known people in the world are honored to be invited whenever the queen has a gathering. So, what is the one thing that Queen Elizabeth can’t stand that famous people sometimes try to do at royal parties?

The queen loves to party


While some might not imagine the matriarch of the royal family kicking back and letting loose, it turns out that is one of her favorite things to do. She has an eye for detail and loves to make sure everything at her parties is done just right. It is really no surprise that the queen likes to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves as much as she is, and PopSugar reports that her parties are known to be beyond compare. 

Queen Elizabeth likes to let loose


Queen Elizabeth has a demanding job — there is simply no denying that. According to Quora, her schedule is quite full and she does everything from corresponding with her representatives to visiting different venues. It is rare that the queen gets a break, so when she does, she likes to truly enjoy herself. If anyone deserves to have a good time, it is definitely Queen Elizabeth, as she is one of the hardest-working people that we can think of, and has been for over 67 years. 

Queen Elizabeth’s pet peeve with famous people


For Queen Elizabeth, there are certain things that are not acceptable at royal parties. Given that she values her time and plans such wonderful and elaborate parties, she wants everyone to behave in a specific way and won’t tolerate just anything. This is why her majesty can’t stand it when famous people bring a group of security guards to her private parties.

Express reports that there was an incident involving Nancy Reagan, which happened before the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. The former first lady wanted to bring 12 security guards, something that the queen just wouldn’t allow, especially given that she herself would only have one. Ferguson’s father, major Ronald Ferguson, said that if Reagan insisted on such excessive security, she didn’t need to come.

Ultimately, everyone compromised and allowed Reagan to bring two guards. Looks like Queen Elizabeth sticks to her beliefs, no matter what, and won’t allow even the most famous people to go against her wishes.

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