Rachel Foxx Has a Message For the Guys Who've Done Her "Wrong"

This song isn’t just about one of Rachel Foxx’s love interests. It’s about all of them.

“‘Wrong’ is about every guy I’ve ever been with,” the East London native told BAZAAR.com. “I say, ‘You’re doing it all wrong and you’re not the only one.’ I’m basically talking about everyone.”

“It’s about me stepping into my comfort zone as opposed to stepping out of it.”

Considering her deep, silky tone and soulful vocals, it’s hard to believe at first listen that this song is, in some ways, a diss track to her lovers who couldn’t get it right. Yet it’s ethereal, laid-back, and sexy, just like the rest of her hard-to-pause repertoire.

Though “Wrong” appears on her recent Flame EP, which debuted last month, Foxx feels the song keeps her original sound alive. “I love this song because its kind of my old style, my Soundcloud style that originally got me noticed as a musician,” she said. “It’s about me stepping into my comfort zone as opposed to stepping out of it.”

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The visuals show Foxx strutting down an empty Los Angeles street at night, channeling The Matrix in her all-black attire and oversized leather jacket. (The only thing she’s missing are those ubiquitous tiny sunglasses.) At times, she’s puffing on a cigarette in full IDGAF mode.

“The video was filmed by a very good friend of mine, Eddy, and his company 7.8,” Foxx explained. “I kind of knew the concept before I even got to LA. I knew what I wanted to depict in the motion picture and he and his team brought it to life and added even more.”

She calls the end result “one of my favorite videos I have ever done.”

Listen to Foxx’s Flame EP below.

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