Rachel Reinert: 5 Things To Know About The Former Gloriana Singer Who Just Released ‘Cool’

From being *wild at heart* to playing it *cool*, Rachel Reinert has stepped back into the spotlight and kicked off her solo career with the catchy single ‘Cool.’ Get to know the former ‘Gloriana’ singer!

You may remember Rachel Reinert from the four-person group Gloriana, which released some awesome, sing-along hits like “Wild At Heart,” “[Kissed You] Good Night,” and “Can’t Shake You.” Now, the stunning brunette has broken out into the scene on her own, releasing her relaxing, summertime track “Cool.” HollywoodLife.com spoke to Rachel, EXCLUSIVELY, to learn about what her music doesn’t say about her — like if she’s a dog or cat person! Very important stuff, guys!

1. Rachel originally had dreams to be on Broadway!
“I went to a performing arts school from 7th-10th grade. I studied musical theatre and had dreams of moving to New York City to do Broadway. My dream changed when I started writing country songs at 15. I graduated high school a year early after signing a publishing deal and moved to Nashville from Southern California at age 16. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a real plan, I just had a dream and followed it all the way across the country.”

2. Rachel is not *cool* with clutter.
“I am a neat freak. I love organization. Cleaning my house makes me more zen. I can’t deal with clutter or dirtiness…it drives me absolutely insane.”

3. Rachel and her little brother are 25 years apart!
“I have a four year old little brother. We are 25 years apart in age. He lives out in California with my dad and his mom, so I try to visit him as often as I can. Some people are blown away by the age difference, but I think it’s unique and really special. We have an amazing bond. I also have two older brothers, but always wanted to have a younger sibling and to know what that relationship was like, so better late than never!”

4. Rachel is an avid collector of antiques and vinyls.
“I love vinyl records. I’m building my collection, but I have a pretty good mix of old and new…the old ones are thanks to my dad’s collection from the 70’s which I had shipped to Nashville a few years back. I also have four record players in my very small house, including a restored Magnavox record cabinet. I’m a sucker for antiques.”

5. Rachel’s first solo, single ‘Cool,’ gives listeners a look at her inspiration: the culture of Laurel Canyon.
“My songs come from a very personal place; it’s important to me that everything that I write and sing is real,” she writes. “It’s a very reflective song.” She adds that her biggest influences include Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Neil Young, and Tom Petty, and with “Cool” she wanted to achieve the sound she calls “California country.”

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