Randy couple thrown out of Nando’s after staff find used condom in toilet

A randy couple were thrown out of a Nando's after staff caught them in a bathroom romp.

Diners were horrified after seeing the couple leaving the toilet together, with the woman spotted buttoning up her trousers as she returned to the restaurant.

Later a member of staff said a used condom was found in the toilets.

One witness said they saw the couple kissing outside the toilets against the wall before they both walked into the mens.

Nando's customer Sarah Watson said she and a friend were left "shocked" by what they witnessed at the Edinburgh branch.

She told the Sun: "My friend Robyn and I were sitting in Nando's at Fountain Park and this couple started kissing up against the wall just outside the toilet then as we watched them they both walked into the men's toilets and we were both just shocked thinking surely that didn't just happen.

"My friend Robyn then told the manager and the manager had to get a male staff member to go and check so after this there ended up a bit of commotion with all the staff finding out.

"My friend, me and the staff were all stood there watching the bathroom door waiting for them to come out when one of staff went in to check."

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