Real-life Rapunzel, 32, hasn’t washed SIX-FOOT long hair for 20 YEARS

A real-life Rapunzel, 32, reveals how she hasn’t washed her SIX-FOOT long hair for nearly 20 YEARS – and insists having flowing locks is ‘very low maintenance’

  • Frankie Cluney, 32, from Brighton, started growing her hair out at the age of six
  • She stopped washing hair at 13 as she ‘hated it’ and stopped having trims at 18 
  • The artist wanted long hair after falling in love with women in fairytale books 

A real-life Rapunzel with size-foot long hair has revealed she hasn’t washed her locks for nearly 20 years. 

Frankie Cluney, 32, from Brighton, explained how she stopped washing her hair when she was just 13 as she ‘hated it’, and hasn’t had her hair trimmed since the age of 18.

She insists that having long hair is actually ‘very low maintenance’, and only needs to comb it – although it can take up to half an hour to detangle.

Frankie, who is an artist, explained how she decided to grow out her hair aged six after falling in love with pictures of mythical women with flowing locks in fairytale books as a child. 

Frankie Cluney, 32, from Brighton, has revealed how she hasn’t washed her six-foot long hair for nearly 20 years 

Frankie explained how she started growing out her locks at the age of six, after falling in love with the characters out of her fairytale books 

Explaining why she decided to grow out her hair, Frankie said: ‘Growing up my mum would have these really beautiful art books and I was really drawn to the images of like the pre-raphaelites. 

‘And of the beautiful long hair, the escapism and this fantasy world, and so I knew that I really wanted to be a mermaid and have long hair.’

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Frankie explained how she stopped washing her hair completely as a teenager, after her mother’s friend suggested it. 

She said: ‘When I was 13 my hair was probably waist length and already then it was really heavy, it was really thick and I never really enjoyed washing it because it was so difficult to get all of the product out with the shower and just takes so long to dry. 

Frankie said she often wears her long locks in a plait, but insists that having such lengthy hair is actually ‘very low maintenance’ 

Frankie explained how she doesn’t use any products in her hair, and simply combs it. She hasn’t had it trimmed since the age of 18 

‘It was one of my mum’s friends who actually mentioned this idea of not washing your hair at all and so I thought why not give it a go and I think for the first couple of months it was very greasy, my scalp was a bit itchy.’

Frankie’s hair is so long that she has to use strong knitting needles to pin her hair into a bun or she wears it in a long plait down her back.

However, she insists it doesn’t take much to look after her hair, explaining how she just combs it.  

She said: ‘It’s strangely very low maintenance. People think it must take a lot but because I don’t use any products on it. All I do really is comb it and I do that not even every single day.

‘If I need to do half-an-hour to an hour of detangling I just put on a film and it can be a quite nice meditative process, because if your hair is tangled then you probably had fun getting the tangles in it somehow, like maybe you were dancing or in the wind so you can comb it and reflect on what you’ve been doing.

Frankie explained how stopped washing her hair aged 13, as she hated it and struggled to get the product out of it 

Frankie said she often spends up to half-an-hour detangling her lengthy locks, as well as wearing them in plaits (right)

Frankie also explained how she treats her hair as having ‘something to wear’ when she works as a life drawing model 

‘It also absorbs scents as well so you can sort of remember where you’ve been, and who you’ve been with.’

Not only has Frankie achieved her dream of having floor-length hair, she now incorporates it in her jobs as a life drawing model.

She said: ‘Hair creates this interesting natural focal points around the figure and because where I do the life modelling, it’s almost like having something to wear when you are naked.

‘I have a lot of ideas of how it could inspire certain photos or art works and I make videos using it, almost like different characters or different outfits.’

Frankie explained how she’s had long hair ever since an accident with scissors when she was a little girl.

Frankie explained how she’s had long hair ever since an accident with scissors when she was a little girl, which led to a chunk of her hair being cut out 

Frankie’s mother explained how she let her children to do whatever they wanted with her hair, as she was never allowed to grow her locks out as a child 

Frankie said her hair ‘absorbs scents’ as well so you can ‘remember where you’ve been, and who you’ve been with’ 

‘When I was at school one day me and my friends were messing around with some scissors,’ she recalled. 

‘I cut a big chunk out of my hair and my mum was just horrified when I got home. So that’s the shortest I’ve ever really been and since then it’s just been getting longer.’

Her mother Xen added: ‘When I was a little girl I was never allowed to grow my hair. 

‘I swore I would let my children do whatever they wanted to do with their hair and so she wanted to be Goldilocks so she was allowed to grow it herself.

‘And she loved having long hair and she loved having it played with, she loved me dressing it, plaiting it it, de-nitting it.’ 

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