Reasons Why Stormy Daniels Allegedly Quit ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’ Revealed By ‘Daily Mail’

According to the publication, Daniels told ‘CBB’ executives that she’d ‘rather set [herself] on f**king fire’ than appear on the show.

Earlier in the week, reports suggested that Stormy Daniels abruptly left the set of Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom, just hours before she was to make her highly publicized appearance on the show. While those reports mostly alleged that the former adult film star walked out because her financial demands weren’t being met, newer rumors suggest that there might have been more to it than just a misunderstanding over money.

In a report published Saturday evening, the Daily Mail wrote about the “extraordinary chain of events” that led to Stormy Daniels quitting Celebrity Big Brother U.K. and reportedly getting pulled from her scheduled appearance on ITV show Loose Women. According to the publication, the main issue wasn’t Daniels’ contract, which, per the Inquisitr, was supposed to pay her a record fee of £750,000, or close to $960,000 in U.S. currency. Instead, it was allegedly the show’s decision to prepare a White House-like set and a mock-up of President Donald Trump’s planned U.S.-Mexico border wall that was one of the many things that “enraged” Daniels ahead of her appearance.

“I would rather set myself on f**king fire than do your f**king show,” Daniels reportedly screamed at Celebrity Big Brother executives prior to walking out.

As summarized by the Daily Mail, Stormy Daniels’ decision to quit Celebrity Big Brother U.K. at the eleventh hour mostly boiled down to her discomfort with the possibility her alleged affair with Trump would be made into the focus of the show’s new season, which started on Thursday. While this might have been the producers’ way of trying to win Daniels over, the publication noted that this instead made things “[go] from bad to worse.”

The Daily Mail added that there were a few other events that might have provoked Daniels ahead of her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother U.K. Upon landing in London on Thursday morning, the former adult film star allegedly threw a tantrum after airport staff went through the suitcase she was supposed to bring into the Big Brother house and “rifled through her underwear” to make sure she wasn’t hiding any banned items. Furthermore, staff at The Village, a hotel located about a mile from the show’s set, reportedly witnessed Daniels lashing out because she didn’t get her room service order in a timely manner.

“I heard that Stormy threw a huge tantrum because her chips weren’t delivered. Someone must have forgotten to put the order through,” said a waitress who spoke to the Daily Mail about the purported incident.

“The next thing we knew was that she had left and not gone into the Celebrity Big Brother house.”

Regardless of the reasons why Stormy Daniels quit Celebrity Big Brother U.K., her decision to leave the show was considered a big blow to the show’s producers and staff. The Daily Mail quoted an unnamed “source close to the show,” who said that the new series or season was built around Daniels, only for her to allegedly dislike the White House and Donald Trump references producers used when choosing and creating props for the Big Brother house.

“The fact is that she has been negotiating this appearance for months and now everything is having to be rewritten. This has caused nothing less than a nightmare and it has cost Channel 5 a fortune.”

Although the Daily Mail noted that there were reports suggesting Stormy Daniels withdrew from Celebrity Big Brother U.K. over child custody issues, the aforementioned source said those issues were only brought up at the “very last minute.” Instead, it was Stormy’s “extraordinary” tantrums that stood out ahead of her exit from the show, which the Daily Mail added might lead to Channel 5 taking legal action to recoup some of the money the network spent on Daniels.

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