Relationship expert says teenage girls should be given VIBRATORS

Would YOU buy your teenage daughter a vibrator? Relationship expert calls it a ‘fantastic’ way to help girls explore their sexuality (but This Morning viewers say it’s ‘ridiculous’)

  • A relationship expert says giving teenage girls vibrators is a ‘fantastic idea’
  • On This Morning Annabelle Knight said it helps them ‘explore’ their sexuality
  • Viewers slammed her comments, with one saying that ‘the world’s gone mad’

A relationship expert has said it’s a ‘fantastic idea’ for parents to give teenage girls vibrators so that they can ‘explore their sexuality’.

Author Annabelle Knight said there is not enough discussion around female sexuality, and argued that it’s important for teenage girls to find out what they enjoy in the bedroom.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Annabelle suggested that vibrators can prepare teenagers for relationships as many couple use toys as part of their sex life.

But some viewers were baffled by the debate, tweeting that ‘the world’s gone mad’ and insisting it was too early in the day for discussions around sex toys and masturbation.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Annabelle Knight said parents should give their teenage daughters vibrators

The show was debating the question of whether parents should buy their teenagers sex toys. 

Annabelle said pointed out that masturbation is normal, and said the move would encourage a healthy and open attitude towards sex in young women.  

‘I think it’s a fantastic idea, as a society we want to promote healthy and happy sexual approach to young men and women,’ she said. 

‘I think what we have in today’s society is an inability to discuss the female aspect of pleasure, we talk about the men side of things – [with] masturbation teenage boys spring to mind and never the girls. We allow women to have sex at 16 but we’re saying they shouldn’t masturbate at 16.’

Viewers were shocked by her comments, with many raking to Twitter asking ‘WTF am I watching?!’

She called vibrators ‘the cherry on top’ of masturbation and a ‘healthy way of exploring your sexuality’.

Viewers took to Twitter to slam Annabelle’s argument, saying no parent would agree with her. 

One tweeted: ‘Christ imagine your mother buying you a vibrator! Not sure who’d be more embarrassed. This is uncomfortable enough just to listen to. Can see Holly & Phil visibly squirming too!’ 

‘Encourage your daughter to study her GCSEs luv, NOT a vibrator!’ another posted.

A third said: ‘I’m thinking back to my teenage years and trying to imagine my mother handing my mother a vibrator. I don’t think any teenage girl wants that conversation tbh.’

She faced against comedian Judi Love who said teenage girls have enough to worry about without thinking about vibrators

She faced off against comedian Judi Love, who said she believes teenage girls are going through too many changes in their hormones and bodies to introduce vibrators at that early stage.

Judi said: ‘Young people they’re going through hormones they’re changing their identity, they don’t even understand themselves yet. 

‘There’s nothing wrong with people understanding the bodies using their own hands and understanding your body is important as a woman, but where does the line stop?’

But Annabelle was defiant, saying sex toys are now an important part of modern relationships.

She said: ‘Sex toys are part and parcel of a happy and healthy relationship. You don’t have to have them but lots of couples, I would say more so than not, enjoy sex with sex toys. To eliminate that from teenagers’ lives and then expect to be OK with it later. 

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