Relationships RUINED by couples therapy

‘My husband cheated on me with the therapist’: Struggling couples reveal how marriage counselling made their relationship WORSE

  • Couples from around the world revealed their experiences of counselling
  • Many people confessed the sessions led to the break down of their relationship
  • One person claimed their partner ended up cheating with their therapist  

Many couples turn to counselling to try and strengthen their relationship, but these stories show it can also tear people apart.

Couples from around the world shared their painful personal stories in a thread on anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper. 

One woman revealed how her marriage came crumbling down when her husband had an affair with the therapist. 

Another husband wrote how the counselling sessions brought out the worst in himself and his wife.  

From cheating to separation and divorce, these are the unexpected consequences of couples therapy…

One distraught wife revealed the therapist who was suppose to have been saving their marriage ended up having an affair with her husband 


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One person was surprised by advice from their therapist suggesting their relationship couldn’t improve

One person was frustrated that issues in their relationship seem to get worse after counselling

A frustrated husband claims he and his wife’s behaviour got worse during three years of counselling and ultimately were pushed towards divorce 

A husband who struggled with hearing his wife’s dislikes revealed he felt unable to stay with her following therapy 

A couple was pulled in different directions as the husband was blissfully unaware their therapy was pushing his wife further away

Another individual revealed they had hidden their couples therapy from others, despite issues in their relationship continuing to get worse 

A divorcee revealed their therapist had advised the couple should split after trying regular sessions for a year 

A wife felt an urge to pack her bags and leave after numerous couple’s therapy sessions

A divorced wife claimed premarital counselling and marriage counselling was unable to resolve issues in her relationship 

A wife who discovered her husband had been cheating a year ago, revealed they separated as counselling made the situation worse

Another wife revealed she came to terms with her husband’s decision to divorce after spending years in therapy 

One husband believes his former wife didn’t try hard enough in marriage counselling to give their relationship a chance of survival 

Others claimed they hadn’t considered moving on from their struggling relationship until they realised marriage counselling couldn’t help 

One person feared their girlfriend was planning to move on after they bought a new apartment during their counselling process

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