‘The Resident’ Finale Recap: [Spoiler]’s Arrested & Conrad Goes To Great Lengths To Rescue Nic

Nic was arrested last episode, but on the finale someone else got handcuffed and put into the back of a cop car! Find out what happened on the last episode of ‘The Resident’s first season!

Nurse Nic Nevin is in jail on breaking and entering charges, and if she’s convicted of a felony, she’ll never be a nurse again. Meanwhile, Micah, who previously received a heart transplant and began dating Dr. Okafor, is admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath after getting too athletic in the bedroom. Here’s everything that went down on the season one finale of The Resident!

After being admitted to the ER, the doctors realize that an exertion caused a rise in blood pressure that caused a tear in Micah’s heart. It’s also ill-advised to conduct surgery on a heart transplant because it’s more likely to kill him than heal him, but not operating could also be fatal. Dr. Okafor decides to seek the advice of three expert cardiologists, who all agreed that operating on Micah would kill him, and that only a superior surgeon with a massive ego would even attempt it. Okafor immediately goes to AJ, who agrees to take on the surgery.

In the operating room, AJ makes it through the chest without any issue. He is able to snip the part that’s causing the problem, and then asks Okafor to stitch him back up. She realizes that she is too emotionally involved with the patient and can’t operate on him – even though she needs to in order for him to live. AJ mocks her for this, and she realizes she has no other choice. She manages to stitch him back up. They try to get the heart beating again, and after three tries at electric shock, the organ begins to start working on its own again.

Okafor waits for Micah to wake up in recovery. He opens his eyes and smiles when he sees her crying. “You see. I told you I was right. I knew we were a thing,” he tells her.

Nic’s bail is set at $100,000 because Lane’s lawyers labeled her as a flight risk. When she tells Conrad this over the phone, he tells her that he’ll handle it. He ends up calling his father, Marshall Winthrop, who pays the nurse’s bail and tells his son that she’ll be released within the hour. Back at the detention center, an officer collects Nic from her cell, knowing that she’s a nurse. She brings her to her girlfriend, who is a fellow officer. She’s not doing so well, and after telling Nic her symptoms, the nurse decides that she likely has low blood sugar due to an antibiotic she’s on. After Nic helps solve the issue, the officer who got her from her cell tells her that she made bail and is free to go.

Patient Olivia Tan was diagnosed with lymphoma, and received her first round of chemo from Dr. Lane Hunter – even though she is perfectly healthy and has no signs of cancer. Conrad, Devon, and Nic bring this new information to Dr. Bell, who has been getting more and more romantically involved with Lane. He agrees to suspend her privileges pending a full investigation, and asks the three of them not to say anything. He also says that these accusations will need to be backed up by complete evidence since the oncologist’s career and Chastain’s reputation are on the line.

When Lane comes to Bell’s office, he tells her that the FBI is putting together a warrant to search her offices to find evidence that she’s misdiagnosing patients in order to treat them with expensive chemo. He then tells her to get any records that could be misconstrued, and bring them to him so they could be rewritten. Bell also asks her to get any documents she doesn’t want found and to bring them to his house so they could burn them together. “You’re protecting me,” Lane tells him. “I’m protecting us,” the surgeon responds.

Devon tries to tell Olivia that she doesn’t have cancer, but at first she doesn’t listen since she’s a hypochondriac. “I have to have cancer! It explains all of my problems,” she says. Devon then tells her that she’s been a victim of a very serious medical fraud, and asks her to expose the doctor who did this. He then brings in his fiancée Priya, who’s also a journalist. Olivia is excited to tell her story to her.

Lane is going through all of her files, and puts a giant stack into a box. The FBI stops her at the door, and asks her to put the box down. They then handcuff her and put her into the back of a cop car as Dr. Bell looks on.

Lane’s case makes front page news, and Dr. Bell has to deliver a statement on the affair. He explains that Chastain had no idea that she was doing this as it happened at her own clinic. He also says that two medical residents and a nurse caught the warning signs and after bringing it to his attention, he notified the FBI immediately.

A patient is worried about being admitted to Chastain after seeing the news about Lane. Devon tells her that she’s right to be concerned, but that there are doctors there that genuinely have her best interests at heart.

Nic walks by Conrad wearing her scrubs, clearly a nurse again. The resident pulls her into an empty room and they kiss. “I’m glad you’re back,” he tells her. They lock lips again until their pagers beep telling them to get back to work. “See you around,” they tell each other.

Dr. Bell enters a boardroom to applause over his statement, with some claiming that he saved Chastain. Then, one board member tells him to meet his new boss: Marshall Winthrop aka Conrad’s dad. He’s the new chairman of the board, and he wants to get the hospital on “firm financial footing.” Bell looks terrified at the prospect of working with Winthrop, while Conrad looks on through the windows outside the room. We can’t wait to see what happens when Conrad’s father starts working with Bell and his son when The Resident returns this fall!

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