Revealed: People with THESE names are more likely to be millionaires

Is your name holding you back in life?

Two thirds of Brits think your moniker can affect how successful you are as a person.

So if you’re looking to call your child something that will give them the best future, listen up.

Research reveals which names are most associated with millionaires.

So would you pick any of these?

HushHush, a luxury online marketplace, collected data from its members.

It collated names of its elite clientele, noting which were associated with millionaires.

Apparently, traditional monikers are linked with riches.

David, Edward and William were the “millionaire” names for boys.

Meanwhile, Alice, Kate and Lily were the girls options associated with wealth.

‘Millionaire’ names for boys:

1. David

2. Edward

3. William

4. John

5. Mark

6. Oliver

7. Oscar

8. George

9. James

10. Lawrence

‘Millionaire’ names for girls:

1. Alice

2. Kate

3. Lily

4. Mary

5. Victoria

6. Jacqueline

7. Gina

8. Jennifer

9. Rachel

10. Linda

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