‘RHONJ’ Rivals Dolores & Danielle Come Face-To-Face At Melissa’s Birthday Party

Melissa Gorga celebrated her 39th birthday during the Nov. 7 season premiere of ‘RHONJ’, but she worried that the ongoing drama between Dolores and Danielle would destroy her event!

They’re back! The Real Housewives of New Jersey returned on Nov. 7 with a season premiere full of drama that only ladies from The Garden State could create! And just like last season, Melissa Gorga‘s birthday party was the first event to bring everyone together — but this year, cake was allowed to be thrown. However, we’ll spill more on that later. First, we want to bring you up to speed from the very beginning. In the first moments of tonight’s premiere, viewers saw Melissa talking to one of the new housewives — Jackie — about how her and Teresa didn’t always have the best relationship. And then, we saw scenes from some of the biggest fights between the ladies over the last few years. It wasn’t clear whether Melissa was rehashing because she and Teresa are no longer getting along or if she was just catching Jackie up to speed, because after their conversation, it took us back to three months prior and the rest of the episode played out in that timeline. Eventually, we’ll likely find out why Melissa and Jackie were discussing her history with Melissa, but we suppose some background info is needed before that.

Anyway, with less than a year left in Joe Giudice‘s prison sentence (and deportation), Teresa seems to be coming into her own. First off, she decided to enter a bodybuilding competition against her husband’s wishes, and said she’s been enjoying her newfound independence. It was actually comedic to see Teresa struggling to stay on her diet and fitness regimen — she couldn’t even drink alcohol at Melissa’s birthday party. And she had to bring her own food when dining out with Dolores!

And speaking of her dinner with Dolores, it was during this meet-up that Teresa told Dolores that Danielle had been spreading gossip about Frank getting disbarred from practicing law. He really did get disbarred, but Dolores became enraged since it wasn’t Danielle’s place to be discussing the matter. And considering Dolores already hated Danielle, this just irritated her even more. So Dolores told Teresa to tell “troublemaker” Danielle to shut her mouth.

Unfortunately for Dolores, she was forced to come face-to-face with Danielle at Melissa’s 39th birthday party. Melissa had invited both of them and advised Dolores to stay away from Danielle and not even have a single conversation with her. And that’s exactly what Dolores did — when Danielle approached to table of ladies to say hi, Dolores turned around and walked away. Then, Danielle made a joke about how easy it is for her to clear a room.

On a positive note, when Melissa was blowing out her candle, she thanked everyone for coming to her party before giving everyone permission to throw her cake if they wanted to — it was a funny remark, considering Teresa threw Melissa’s birthday cake last year and Siggy Flicker wreaked havoc on them all season long because of it.

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