‘RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Says Season 9 Has ‘Most Epic’ Scene In Show’s History: It Was Like ‘Goodfellas’

The new season of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ is set to be the craziest yet, & Dolores Catania EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife why.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are coming back for a brand new season! The ninth season of the iconic show is set to be the best yet, and cast member Dolores Catania, 47, caught up with HollywoodLife to EXCLUSIVELY reveal just why the upcoming episodes are not to be missed! When speaking out her co-star, Danielle Staub, Dolores claimed that fans will see even more of their chaotic friendship, when they take a trip together. “I find things funny with Danielle because Danielle is funny. You have to stay tuned for that. My favorite thing all season is that you cannot miss the most epic in housewives scene when we are on our trip. That’s more probably mid season, but that is not to be missed by anyone,” she revealed. In fact, it might be the biggest moments in Housewives of all time! “In history, take all of the housewives season, this is it. The bodyguards called it the scene out of Goodfellas.”

For fans who don’t know yet – there’s two new ladies joining the show this season, and Dolores gave us all the deets. “There’s two new girls so there’s always a change in dynamic when new girls come in, however, they fit just right. Everything is good. You get to know me a lot more than in the past,” Dolores told HollywoodLife. “There’s a lot about me and I’m going through a transition in my life and so everyone is going to get to see me and what I’m dealing with right now in the stage of life I’m in. A lot of people can definitely relate to me.”

Given that Siggy Flicker left the cast at the end of 2017, we also asked Dolores if she will be missing her former co-star. “I have a solid friendship with Melissa and Teresa. They’re like family to me. Filming with them is very natural. Filming for me is very natural, but I miss Siggy,” Dolores replied. “We always laugh and are hysterical. We stuck together. It was difficult this season, but it also was a chance to get to know me as myself for who I am. Now it’s just me although I am friends with Teresa and Melissa and Teresa and I always have a bond that’s going to be. To be without Siggy was a little different for me. I missed her,” she added.

On a positive note, Dolores relationship has been heating up even more, after fans were introduced to her boyfriend last season! You’ll never see [him] because he’s a doctor so he can’t film, but certainly you’ll get to know a little bit more about our relationship, I think,” she said of their romance. “You’ll get to see a lot about me and Frank as always. There’s something that happens that definitely will be, “Wow!” You’ll see!” What could this “something” be? “You’ll have to stay tuned! It’s not what you think, but you’ll see the strength of our relationship. We will always be (in a great place). In life, things aren’t always perfect,” the star said.

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