‘RHONY’: Dorinda Slams Luann For Not Inviting John To Her Cabaret Show

Dorinda, Carole and Tinsley were up in arms over a major guest list faux pas on Luann’s part during the Aug. 15 season finale of ‘RHONY’. Plus, Ramona had a burning question for Bethenny!

Oops? It was finally the opening night of Luann‘s cabaret show, #CountessandFriends, during the Aug. 15 season finale of The Real Housewives of New York City, and while it was a hit with the audience, Dorinda wasn’t a fan. However, it wasn’t because Luann sucked. Instead, it was because Luann failed to invite Dorinda’s boyfriend of six years to sit in the audience with the other housewives. Dorinda was understandably upset by the mishap, but she became even more disturbed when he discovered that Luann extended an invite to Tinsley‘s boyfriend of just a few months — someone Luann had only met once. Bethenny theorized that Luann had probably sent Scott the invite after learning how upset Dorinda was over the mishap with John, but Dorinda didn’t want to hear it. She doubted Luann had any good bone in her body, so instead of cheering Luann on during her cabaret show, Dorinda heckled her.

Apparently, Dorinda had loaned Luann thousands of dollars worth of dresses for the show, so whenever Luann would come out on stage in one, Dorinda yelled out loud where it was from. She wanted the audience to know she was the one responsible for Luann looking so good. “Jovani!” she’d yell over and over again, naming the designer of the dresses. Bethenny said it reminded her of when Dorinda gifted her with the nutcracker statue before Christmas — Dorinda wanted all the credit for her good deed.

Later, at the after-party, Bethenny made a beeline for Luann to find out what happened with the guest list and why John wasn’t invited. Luann simple explained that had Dorinda expressed interest in bringing John months ago, she would have gladly invited him. But because Dorinda asked so last minute, Luann didn’t have any seats left. Well, she had one, which she offered to John, but Dorinda wanted him to sit at the table with the ladies — a table that was already full. So instead, Luann offered the seat to Tinsley’s man after realizing how upset the situation made Dorinda. Luann didn’t want Tinsley to feel the same way. So basically, Luann was trying to correct her wrong — exactly what Bethenny had theorized earlier in the night.

But even so, Dorinda told Luann that she was extremely upset over it all. “I don’t care about our friendship right now,” Dorinda said, when later explaining her friendship with Luann to the camera. She then added, “Im out of here!”

Elsewhere at the party, Bethenny and Carole managed to have a somewhat civil conversation. At least they did before Ramona stormed over and demanded some attention. Bethenny politely asked Ramona to come back later, as she and Carole hadn’t had a nice conversation like that in a while, but Ramona refused. Why? Well, Ramona so desperately wanted to know why Bethenny didn’t congratulate her or support her at her new skin care line party. Bethenny explained that none of Ramona’s “business ventures” had ever panned out before, so she wasn’t going to entertain them any longer. This obviously infuriated Ramona, so she stormed off as she yelled, “Wow, Bethenny. Wow. Wow. Wow.”

In the final moments, we learned the following about each housewife:

Luann: Riding high after a series of successful #CountessandFriends shows, Luann had a stumble and went back to rehab.

Bethenny: Bethenny found a tenant for her Hamptons rental property, despite it being “on the highway.” She continues helping disaster victims worldwide, but her crisis with Carole has seen no relief.

Carole: Carole is moving on. She has decided to focus on new projects, less toxic relationships and writing her next chapter.

Tinsley: Tired of waiting for the Coupon King to join her in their castle, Tinsley moved out of the penthouse and into a smaller hotel apartment. She and Scott continue to be on and off.

Ramona: Ramona lowered her expectations with Bethenny and is living her best life. She listed her NYC apartment and is on the hunt for a hot, young swim instructor.

Sonja: Sticking to her guns, Sonja found a renter for her townhouse and got full asking price. She can now add “Landlord” to her online dating profile.

Dorinda: Having outgrown her empty nest on the Upper East Side, Dorinda is preparing to list her apartment and fly south… to Midtown. She and Luann remain estranged.

Want more drama? Make sure you tune in next week for the explosive three-part reunion special, during which Ramona blasts Bethenny for having “fake tits“.

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