Rihanna’s ‘Laying Down Tracks’ For Hot New Album — Will Her Music Drop This Year?

Sit tight. If you want to know when Rihanna’s dropping her new album and more details on what’s happening in the studio, HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

This is big news. We have a follow up answer to the latest posts on Rihanna’s Instagram Story on Aug. 24. The 30-year-old singer uploaded a video and photos of herself in front of a recording microphone, and Twitter rejoiced over the photographic evidence that a ninth studio album is underway. But Twitter, get your characters ready — you’re getting more than you expected. “Rihanna is taking her time with her upcoming album, she’s been in the studio laying down tracks for months,” a source close to Rihanna shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “She has a huge vision, she wants to do a double album. It’s going to be her most ambitious one yet. This is a huge undertaking and she’s been super secretive because it’s important to her that her vision stays totally under wraps.”

And we found out why RiRi’s been so discreet, torturing her album-hungry fans! We’ve heard Rihanna’s vocals dive into pop, R&B, hip hop, dance genres and more since her first album Music of the Sun debuted in 2005. But this upcoming album will focus on something more personal. “She’s been recording in the Caribbean. That’s been a big inspiration for her, she wants this album to reflect her roots,” our source adds. We can still expect flavors of modern pop and hip hop music! Our source continues, “Rihanna has been inspired by all the new music out from Drake, to Travis, Cardi, Nicki, Ariana and even Kanye. Rih loves it all. But she wants her album to be different and better than anything else out there. She is a perfectionist and really taking her time with the new tracks. She has her eyes set on the top of the charts and is determined to deliver for her fans.”

Speaking of delivering to her fans…when is this super secretive project dropping?! Alas, we have the tea on that too. “There’s some buzz in her camp that she’ll be ready to drop it before the end of this year, but no date has been set in stone yet,” our source revealed. So there you have it! The “Loyalty” singer’s last album, Anti, came out in 2016. Your almost two-year wait may finally be over. We just hope to see a collab with Childish Gambino, 34, tucked away somewhere in that possible double album. The two are reportedly filming director Hiro Murai’s project Guava Island together in Cuba. While stills from the project were released, Rihanna also posted a video to Instagram on Aug. 20 of her twirling to Gambino’s song “Summertime Magic” in the Havana streets!

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