Rob Kardashian Finally ‘Looking To Fall In Love Again’ Amid Reports Blac Chyna’s Pregnant

Whether she’s pregnant or not, Blac Chyna’s recent antics & super young boyfriend have finally pushed Rob Kardashian get back on the market and look for love!

About a year after Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s nasty break-up, Rob is finally ready to get back out there and start dating. is hearing exclusively that he’s starting to look for love, especially after rumors that his ex is pregnant! “Rob is looking to fall in love again and would like to start dating a lot more,” an source close to the Kardashians told HL. “Instead of getting hooked up on a blind date that his sisters or friends set him up with he is considering to take on the dating apps and see what his luck would be like by doing Tinder or Bumble or anything along those lines,” the insider added. Whoa — ladies get swiping — you may connect with Rob! The 31-year-old Kardashian has stayed recluse and absent from the spotlight after his brief relationship with Chy, which resulted in the birth of their daughter Dream and a very public split. Blac has certainly moved on with her life and is currently dating 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay, while Rob has remained alone and focused on his daughter, business ventures and health.

In addition to putting himself back out there, Rob is apparently doing his best to also get along with his ex Blac, for the sake of their one year old daughter. “[Rob’s] taking care of Dream and that has really put him in a good place. He’s been a great dad and she has kept him stable,” a source told Us Weekly. “Chyna and Rob are coparenting a lot better than anyone thought they would. They’re getting along. Everything is fine on that end.” Still, we’re hearing that Rob is furious over the recent reports that Chyna may be pregnant with YBN, and that is something pushing him to find his own love. “He wants to find love and he wants to expand his options as much as he can,” the insider told exclusively.

We hope that Rob finds the happiness and love he deserves — we’re happy to help him make a dating app profile!

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