Roxy’s sex secret, Elly’s baby fears and 5 other Neighbours spoilers

It’s surprises all round in Neighbours this week with surprise returns, a shock discovery and a sex secret that’s at risk of being found out.

The mystery of Sheila’s (Colette Mann) disappearance deepens this week, but Gary (Damien Richardson) is left reeling when he discovers the truth.

Roxy (Zima Anderson) is keeping a saucy secret, but she may well not be able to keep it to herself for long.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) will feel his jaw hit the floor when another ex comes waltzing into town with a nasty surprise.

Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) is in the middle of a nightmare as she’s left waiting to find out if her baby has survived when tragedy strikes.

And Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) learns the fate of his bar.

Here’s what’s coming up next week in Neighbours.

1. What happened to Sheila?

Kyle and Gary’s worst fears are thankfully not confirmed – Sheila is alive! But there are some big questions. She’s discovered after her car is found abandoned in the bush and she is rushed to Erinsborough hospital. She’s embarrassed about the fuss she’s caused, and Gary and Kyle want to know why she was far away from home. She eventually reveals the truth – she had driven out to meet a guy about Gary’s cocktails in an effort to offer an olive branch. But her car conked out and she was left wandering the bush to get help. Gary’s cold heart is melted by his mum’s attempt to repair their relationship and it looks like things might be back on track.

2. Roxy’s sex secret

Roxy feels bad about Leo and the Back Lane Bar, and she’s frustrated when it appears the police aren’t doing much to help. She arrives at work and sees Mark celebrating his birthday, and lays into him. How could he be chilling out having a laugh when the Abernethy’s are getting away with it? Leo later comes down hard on her for her behaviour and sends her to apologise to Mark.

Later, Aaron goes to see Mark who tells him he’s tired and going to bed and makes him leave. But as he goes, Roxy’s head suddenly pops up from under the covers on Mark’s bed. How on Earth did these two end up in bed together?

3. Chloe and Elly make a heartbreaking decision

Chloe decides to turn her romantic brunch with Elly into a double date with Bea and Finn, who’s celebrating having his ankle bracelet removed, but things take a dire turn when Chloe gets over excited. As they’re chatting away and Pierce drops in on them, Chloe drops the G word – branding Elly her girlfriend in front of everyone. Elly is freaked out and it’s time for them to have a serious discussion. Chloe comes to the sad realisation they’re not on the same page. The two women decide it’s the end of the road for their relationship, Chelly is once again no more.

4. Paul gets another shock

Paul was having a laugh if he thought Gail would be the only ex to pop out of the woodwork so close to his wedding with Terese. He’s not that lucky, and he’s got plenty of ex wives. Shock number two comes in the form of good old Lyn Scully making an unannounced appearance – happening to be in town to do interviews for the Retreat. But of course she also finds time to get under Paul and Terese’s skin. She takes Terese to one side and strongly warns her off marrying him. Paul confronts her but she has the last laugh, getting inside his head and pointing out all of his failed marriages are down to him. Could her words be enough to stop the wedding? Why is she really back?

5. Elly’s baby danger

Pierce invites Chloe out for a movie night, but is disappointed when he sees Elly just won’t stop texting her. He decides Elly needs to know the terrible effect she’s having on Chloe and confronts her. Susan and Karl have already beaten him to it, so when he attempts to speak to her she gives as good as she gets as she is certainly not in the mood for another lecture. Things become heated and Pierce storms off. Elly does the same, but as she rushes up the stairs she slips and falls, landing on her tummy and is left in terrible pain. Could she lose the baby?

6. Yashvi gets caught out

Yashvi is gutted when Ned reveals her moving into the Willis’ was never an option and Shane is fuming that he’s been duped. He’s angry that she lied and vents to Dipi, telling her there isn’t much he likes about his own daughter right now. Unfortunately for him, Yashvi hears every word. It sends Yashvi into a downwards spiral and she ends up flunking an important English test. But as things get worse, how far will this downwards spiral send her?

7. Leo gets devastating news

Mark reveals they’re not going to get the money in time to save the bar. It’s game over for Leo’s business. Roxy is crushed at the outcome and decides to go to extreme lengths to try and save it, with plans to go into business with Paul. But her plan is a no go, they really have lost this battle.

Scenes air from Monday 26th August at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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