‘The Royals’ Star Alexandra Park: I ‘Absolutely’ Think Eleanor & Jasper Could Get Married One Day

‘The Royals’ season 4 finale airs May 13, and HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with star Alexandra Park about the possibility of Robert’s redemption, Jaspenor’s future, and Eleanor’s evolution!

Royal wedding fever! Just a few days before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk down the aisle, King Robert and Willow are set to get married during The Royals season 4 finale. With all this wedding talk, HollywoodLife couldn’t help but ask Alexandra Park about Eleanor and Jasper’s relationship and the possibility of a wedding since Jaspenor is thriving.

“Absolutely. I think if we were to do another season, which hopefully we do, that could be absolutely what happens,” Alexandra told HollywoodLife. “I think people are attracted to the real love and support that Eleanor and Jasper have for one another. I feel like with the other characters there’s a lot of chopping and changing and moving around and dating different people and betrayal and pain. But with Eleanor and Jasper, they’ve been through a lot, but they’ve always held onto each other. I think deep down they know they love one another and care for another and need one another. I think their personalities compliment each other really well. The brooding Jasper, who can be quite funny, with the messy Eleanor, who’s a bit of a dork and klutz. Eleanor feels safe with Jasper, and I think Jasper feels alive when he’s with Eleanor. I think that’s what people are attracted to — the real love and stability. I absolutely think they’ll end up together. They struggled with communicating with each other, and that’s why they fell into so many problems, but now I feel like they’re finally at the point where they’re a team now. They love each other. It’s beautiful and fun and funny and dangerous and sexy and all those things. I think that absolutely that they could end up getting married.

You’re welcome, Jaspenor fans. Season 4 has showcased a different side to Eleanor. She’s really come full circle from the damaged bad girl from seasons ago. For Alexandra, this evolution has been a real treat. “For me as an actor, the evolution of Eleanor has naturally happened over the seasons,” Alexandra continued. “We’ve seen massive growth in her and been able to go on this journey of this girl who thought she was pretty useless when we first met her. She thought she didn’t have much purpose, or that she had many friends, or that she was really good for anything. Slowly, she started to realize through her own experiences, be it good or bad experiences, that she had a lot to offer.To play that journey has been amazing. I obviously loved the wilder Eleanor. I probably had the most fun playing that wild side of her. I like the mixture of the two. I’ve always called her a trainwreck with a heart of gold, and I think that describes her pretty well. Not so much in the latest season. She’s less of a trainwreck and more of a heart of gold. I would always want to play her like a real person. She’s never not going to have these wonderful, wild qualities that we all love about her. She’s always going to be fun, but playing the more courageous and confident and stronger side of her, it’s been opportunity for me to dabble with my comedy, which has been great. I’m really grateful to the writers for allowing me to show the full circle of Eleanor and go from very dramatic scenes to light, comedic moments. I’ve been able to grow while doing those. I think the wonderful thing about this character is that she’s so multi-layered. She’s every color of the rainbow, and I think I’m actually like that as Alex as well. I’m never bored. I’ve always got something o seek my teeth into, whether it be comedy or drama. I enjoy it all.”

But what about Robert? Eleanor and Liam’s older brother has proven to be a power-hungry prick. Can he be redeemed? Alexandra weighed in on that: “From my perspective, he’s a bad guy. I think he’s been in this world for too long, and he’s got some very dark qualities about him. I think it’s too far gone for Robert. I think he’s gone through too much. He wants power more than anything, and he was told that he couldn’t have it from his father. He was told by his father that he wasn’t a suitable king, that he didn’t have it in him, and that Liam was more up for the job. I think that fueled him down a pretty dark path. I think he has love for his family, and he wants to do right, but I think the power trumps everything and he’s insecure. I don’t think he’s got the same drive as Liam, Eleanor, Helena, and possibly Cyrus. I think there’s something missing from Robert, sadly.”

The Royals season 4 finale airs May 13 at 10 p.m. on E!

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