Are these the RUDEST Tinder profiles ever?

Are these the rudest Tinder profiles ever? Daters looking for LUST offer X-rated chat-up lines to tempt potential hook-ups into swiping right

  • 26 million people in the world are matched daily with potential dates on Tinder
  • However, many don’t mince their words when making it clear what they want 
  • Some of the most eye-catching profiles are littered with innuendo, x-rated jokes and downright filth…all in a bid to persuade suitors to swipe right 

Everybody knows Tinder isn’t about grand gestures of romance; you generally don’t join the world’s biggest dating app for sweet nothings and roses.

However, when it comes to catching the eye of a potential suitor, there really is no shame for some; who clearly follow the mantra that the saucier the chat-up line the more chance there is of a hook-up.   

In the scant bio that accompanies profile photos, some, as the collection below shows, are all about catching the eye with some less than salubrious words.  

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While some read like cheeky postcards from yesteryear, others are a little more honest in their approach. Among those that might induce a blush or two? 

How about: ‘If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can taste my watermelons’ or  ‘Who wants to practise their Australian kiss? It’s like French only you go Down Under’.

And when it comes to the more up-front advances, there’s Maggie, 21, from San Diego, who woos her potential suitors with the line: ‘The only thing more open than 24/7 convenience stores are my legs.’ Nice. 

And there’s the black comedy: ‘At least my dad is dead so you don’t have to worry about approval.’ 

Every day 26 million people in the world match on Tinder, and so standing out from the crowd is certainly a tough ask.

Last month, the dating app has revealed its most right-swiped UK singles for the second year running, sharing with Cosmopolitan the profile pictures that have caught admirers’ eyes and the opening lines they use to attract attention.

Among their numbers is Susan who reels in admirers with a bio that reads: ‘Need someone to share pasta with, eating it on your own can get cannelloni sometimes.’

Meanwhile, Peter jokes about his Irish passport being an attractive factor for anyone hoping to remain an EU citizen after Brexit, while Callum is hoping to attract fans of Shirley from EastEnders.

The most popular women on Tinder 

Student Emily, 22 , from Leeds uses banana emojis to break the ice 

Rebecca, 21, Exeter: Hospital Dispatcher

Tinder bio: Not as grumpy IRL as I look in photos.

Opening line: A sassy GIF of Beyoncé or Honey Boo Boo.

Best date: It’s also my worst. We had oysters at the beach. We both felt so ill, and my bus wasn’t for two hours.

Will swipe right for: Rebellious-looking people

Will swipe left because of: Photos of the back of their head!

Hospital dispatcher Rebecca, 21, from Exeter assures people she’s not as grumpy in real life as she appears in photos 

Alison, 20, Manchester: Student

Tinder bio: Why do Norwegian ships have barcodes on the side? To Scan-da-navy-in.”

Opening line: A GIF of a woman waving frantically. People reply 90% of the time

Best date: The zoo. You don’t have to worry about finding something to say.

Will swipe right for: Someone smartly dressed who looks relaxed

Will swipe left because of: Men in white jeans.

Student Alison, 20, from Manchester attracts attention with a GIF of a woman waving frantically

Immy, 18, Surrey: Student

Tinder bio: Happy chap

Opening line: ‘Hola!’ Often they’ll be like, ‘Oh, are you Spanish?’ and I’m like, ‘No…’ It’s worked every time.

Best date: Playing Topgolf

Will swipe right for: Good looks

Will swipe left for: A crude bio or a plethora of group photos  

Susan, 23, London: Account executive 

Tinder bio: Need someone to share pasta with, eating it on your own can get cannelloni sometimes

Opening line: Would you rather have your commute narrated by David Attenborough or your internal monologue by Morgan Freeman? 

Best date: With a boy I met on holiday. We went for dinner on a sunny rooftop, followed by a late-night trip to the beach.

Will swipe right for: Tall, dark and handsome – and smiling

Will swipe left because of: Topless bed selfies and Thailand tiger gap-year pictures. 

Susan, 23, from London’s opening gambit is: ‘Would you rather have your commute narrated by David Attenborough or your internal monologue by Morgan Freeman?’

Ellie, 22, London: Student 

Tinder bio: I’d try and woo you with herb and fish jokes, but I don’t know if this is the thyme or the plaice

Opening line: I hope you like my chat-up line”, then I send a line emoji.

Best date: At some hidden waterfalls in Greece. It was a cool adventure. 

Will swipe right for: A funny bio

Will swipe left because of: Topless selfies. 

Ellie, 22, from London is after a date with a good sense of humour 

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