Rudolph, Who? Baby Snow-Colored Reindeer Is Almost Too Magical to Be Real

If we get a white Christmas this year, we now know who is responsible.

According to Caters New Agency, this snow-colored baby reindeer was spotted by a photographer in the mountains of northern Norway.

Mads Nordsveen of Oslo, Norway, encountered the magical creature on a hike and started snapping photos of little animal.

It surprised Nordsveen that the wild animal wasn’t camera-shy; instead the reindeer actually posed for the photog.

“He was quite relaxed when he saw that I was calm and friendly. It was almost as if he posed for the camera,” Nordsveen told Caters. “He was very curious and fun. Like a little explorer.” 

The photo session lasted until the reindeer’s mother arrived to collect her burgeoning star.

“It was very magical and a fairy-tale moment,” Nordsveen summarized. 

While some may be quick to call this stunning creature an albino reindeer, the animal’s pigmented eyes and horns mean the baby does not have the genetic disorder. Instead, the animal likely has a genetic mutation that affects only fur pigmentation. Often a detriment to other wild animals, a white coat is great camouflage for this reindeer, who spends most of its time in snowy landscapes.

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