Rudy Giuliani Tweeted ‘No Collusion’ Several Times

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has taken on the role of representing President Donald Trump as his personal lawyer, generated a lot of buzz with his Wednesday night interview with Andrew Cuomo on CNN. Giuliani has pivoted frequently over the past few months in representing the president in regard to the Mueller probe, and Wednesday night he seemed to take a major pivot once again. Despite the fact that he now maintains he only ever said that Trump himself never colluded with Russia, there are some tweets that seem to imply otherwise.

As the Inquisitr detailed, Giuliani told Cuomo that he never previously claimed that there hadn’t been collusion that originated from people connected to Trump’s campaign. He further maintained that he has only ever referred to the president himself not being involved with collusion or conspiring with Russia.

In looking at Giuliani’s tweets over the past six months or so, Trump’s personal lawyer has posted numerous denials regarding collusion. For example, last July, he replied to one person who tweeted about how everything Giuliani says gets picked apart. He tweeted, in part, that President Trump did nothing wrong and that there was no collusion and no obstruction.

Last September, Giuliani tweeted about Paul Manafort’s cooperating by saying there was no collusion. Trump’s lawyer said that Manafort should get credit for sticking to the truth, and he slid in a thinly-veiled allegation that perhaps Mueller’s motivations in pursuing this investigation were unjust.

A December tweet again claimed no Trump collusion and referenced both Michael Cohen and Jerome Corsi. As those following the ongoing investigation know, both Cohen and Corsi have come under fire for their connections to Trump, the campaign, and alleged misdeeds.

Giuliani has tweeted about George Papadopoulos and “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION,” and he has posted numerous times about Manafort while insisting that there was no collusion. For example, he tweeted that Manafort’s cooperation agreement didn’t involve the Trump campaign and that there was no collusion with Russia, and a number of other posts signal the same type of messaging.

As many point out, it seems a stretch to parse Giuliani’s previous phrasing to the point of believing that he was only ever claiming that Trump himself was clear of any collusion. To say now that he’s always left it open that those connected to the campaign may have colluded, but it didn’t touch Trump himself, is raising more than a few eyebrows.

In addition to that, it’s been noted more than once by people that Trump has a reputation for micro-managing things. Given that, a lot of people find it difficult to believe that numerous campaign staffers might have been colluding with Russia with no knowledge of it on Trump’s part.

The Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake perhaps recapped it best in a recent tweet about how Giuliani and some others in the Trump universe have approached these evolving allegations. Blake tweeted a brief list of how those connected with Trump have tweaked their defenses over the months and many others have shared similar lists.

Despite plenty of raised eyebrows and eye rolls throughout the media and across Twitter after Rudy Giuliani’s CNN interview Wednesday night, he seems to be sticking to this latest pivot. Many people will be interested to see where President Trump’s personal lawyer heads next as he continues to look for ways to defend President Trump with this ongoing Mueller investigation.

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