Samsung Galaxy X: Rumored Features, Possible Announcement Date Revealed By ‘BGR’

The latest Galaxy X rumors suggest that the device might be unveiled early next year, at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

If new reports are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy X won’t be announced any time this year, as the South Korean company appears to be taking its time and making sure that its rumored foldable flagship phone is truly ready to be revealed.

Samsung first teased the Galaxy X’s future arrival in 2017, when company officials said that it might be releasing a smartphone with a foldable display sometime this year. According to BGR, that timeline has been pushed back slightly, with the Galaxy X now expected to be announced early in 2019, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as the tech giant hopes to “get things right” instead of introducing a rushed product. The publication opined that this could be a “very good thing,” as some of Samsung’s previous high-profile releases were unveiled “before they [were] ready for primetime.”

BGR’s report also hinted at what consumers can expect as far as the Samsung Galaxy X’s key features are concerned. Citing its sources, the publication said that the device will likely have a 3.5-inch exterior display, and the “approximate equivalent” of two 3.5-inch interior displays, adding up to a screen that might measure “in the high six-inch range.” Further details on this unusual selling point were not disclosed, though Patently Mobile reported on Wednesday that Samsung was recently awarded two patents, with schematics possibly illustrating how the foldable display system would work.

Earlier this week, BGR cited a report from Korean-language financial publication The Bell, which hinted at a few other possible features for the Samsung Galaxy X that could help the company make its upcoming device stand out from the next-generation iPhones, and other flagships that may hit the market before the Galaxy X launch date. The Galaxy X, which reportedly goes by the internal codename “Beyond,” is expected to live up to its behind-the-scenes name by offering features that are “beyond anything” currently available on the market. These features, however, were not elaborated on in The Bell’s report.

In terms of specific features mentioned by The Bell, the Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to include an in-display fingerprint sensor and a 3D sensing module, with the former being far more likely than the latter. As explained by BGR, an in-display fingerprint sensor won’t be entirely unique, but the Galaxy X might turn out to be the first mass-released phone to come with such a convenient means of fingerprint detection. As for the 3D sensing module, this could be used to provide a more “complex and secure” way to scan a user’s face.

At the moment, information on the Samsung Galaxy X’s basic specifications, such as processor type, megapixels for both rear and front cameras, and display size, is largely unavailable, as explained in a report from Tom’s Guide.

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