Sarah Paulson Couldn't Stop Embarrassing Herself in Front of Rihanna

No one—not even Sarah Paulson—is exempt from accidentally looking like a fool when standing in front of Rihanna.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Paulson recounted the many, many times she embarrassed herself in front of Rihanna while in production for their upcoming film, Ocean's 8. Paulson admitted that whenever she looked at Rihanna, she would hear the sweet sounds of the singer playing in her head and attempt to perform her own versions. "It was a sort of daily struggle to not embarrass myself," Paulson told DeGeneres, just before launching into her own rendition of Rihanna's hit dancehall track, "Work."

Put yourself in Paulson's shoes, though—aside from likely being weak in the knees at just the sight of Rihanna every single day on set, how would you be able to resist looking a little bit silly? "It's just deeply nerdy, and Sandy [Bullock] would look at me like, 'Hey, dial it down,'" Paulson told DeGeneres. While on set for the summer blockbuster, Paulson even danced and performed a little ditty of her own for Rihanna in order to erase some of that new friendship anxiety, until Rihanna told her to stop singing. "She thought my lyrics weren't so bad, but the melody was terrible," she admitted. "And she gives great side-eye."

The on-set shenanigans must have worked to solidify some sort of friendship between the two costars, as Paulson recounted that the two had a lovely time together at the 2018 Met Gala while waiting for Madonna to perform.

DeGeneres then told the actress what everyone in the audience must have been thinking, which is that she would love to see Rihanna and Paulson hang out together. Thankfully, soon we will all be lucky enough to witness what happens during a Sarah Paulson and Rihanna hangout, when Ocean's 8 is released on June 8.

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Long sleeves are another recurring trend in Paulson's arsenal — here, she wears one of Italy's most promising young designers, working a freshened-up bleach job.

Sarah Paulson in Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini at the People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story For Your Consideration event in Los Angeles, California, April 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

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