Sarah Sanders’ Press Briefing For Kids Had Some Moments That’ll Make You LOL

For the first time in 46 days, the White House held a press conference but it wasn’t just any presser. On Thursday, Bloomberg reported White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ press briefing for kids involved all sorts of questions about President Donald Trump, including what he actually does for a living and what he fancied for ice cream.

The White House press secretary called children over to ask their questions as part of Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. Kids of various journalists and reporters sat in their parents’ seats and asked questions about Trump. In one case, a child asked Sanders what kind of ice cream Trump enjoyed. According to Bloomberg, the White House press secretary said that he liked a scoop of vanilla alongside a scoop of chocolate.

Another kid asked Sanders what Trump did for a job. "Whatever he wants," Sanders’ son said, per Bloomberg. At one point in the press conference, Vice President Mike Pence joined the crowd. A kid present at the presser asked Pence how many days he and other White House officials got for vacation. "We work with a president," Pence said, "who never stops working." According to Bloomberg, this supposed round-the-clock work life didn’t seem to sit well with the child who then responded, "That’s weird."

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