Savannah James ‘Uncomfortable’ With Rihanna Posting Pics Of LeBron: ‘It’s Inappropriate’

Savannah James isn’t happy with Rihanna fan-girling over her husband, LeBron James! After Bron dropped 50 points in Game 1 on May 31, RiRi posted a snap of him online and Sav thinks it’s not right! Here’s why…

Savannah James, 31, it putting her foot down. After Rihanna, 30, posted a photo of LeBron, 33, on Instagram following Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Savannah was instantly ticked off. She’s uncomfortable with Rihanna posting pictures of LeBron on social media,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Savannah thinks it is inappropriate for Rihanna to be sharing the pictures him to her 63 million followers. She thinks Rihanna is sending the wrong message.” If you didn’t know, Rihanna’s been a big LeBron fan for years. 

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