Saving your used Christmas card stamps is an easy way to support charities

The pandemic has had a huge impact on charities this year with many fundraising events cancelled and shops closed.

If you want an easy way to help out this year, but don’t have much cash to donate yourself, lots of charities collect old stamps and can turn them into donations.

It’s really easy to do – you just need to tear the stamp off the envelope, leaving a 1cm border around each one.

You then send them off to the charity. Some offer pre-paid envelopes so you can fill it up and post it to them once its full.

Stamps are sold by weight and charities can get up to £20 per kilogram of stamps.

Some will be sold to dealers or collectors, while others will be used in arts and crafts.

Of course, you can collect stamps all year round but it’s particularly relevant at Christmas when you’re more likely to receive cards in the post.

You could also let people know when you’re sending your own cards to encourage them to save theirs up too.

Which charities collect stamps?

If you’re not sure if your chosen charity collects stamps or if you’re not sure how to get them to them, it’s best to get in touch with them directly.

Some charities who do accept stamp donations include:

  • Against Breast Cancer
  • RNIB
  • Retired Greyhound Trust
  • Oxfam
  • Parkinson’s UK
  • Kidney Care UK
  • Stamp out MND
  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society
  • Many Tears Animal Rescue
  • CRY
  • The Leprosy Mission
  • RICE
  • Batten Disease Family Association

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