Scott Stringer says sexual assault allegations are ‘categorically untrue’

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Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer on Thursday went on a media tour to insist that the sexual assault allegations against him are “categorically untrue” — while conceding more women could come forward.

“You know, I’ve dated,” the city Comptroller told Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” when asked if he expected “any other women” to come forward.

“I don’t expect it. But, look, I didn’t expect this set of allegations,” the 60-year-old wannabe mayor said of lobbyist Jean Kim’s allegations that he groped her multiple times in 2001.

“I obviously feel bad about it,” he said in a video interview with photos of his family on the wall behind him.

“I do have respect for anybody and women to come forward and make it easy and possible to be in a space to talk about this. I’m here just today to say that this is not true,” he said.

Stringer later skirted the issue when asked by PIX 11 “Morning News” if he’d “had any relationships with any other volunteers or interns.”

“Jean was never an intern and for her to claim that is just wrong,” he said, without directly answering the question about other partners.

While noting that there are other women in his past, he insisted that he has been “true” to his wife Elyse Buxbaum, calling her “the most amazing woman in the world.”

“I’ve been true to her, and that I can tell you, in the last many years,” he said.

Stringer doubled down on earlier claims that Kim was never an intern, as she claimed, as he insisted they had a “consensual” relationship.

“I think we were in a relationship that was first based on friendship and then it became a little more,” he told the Fox show.

“I’m not going to detail it out of respect … but there was nothing that wasn’t consensual,” he told PIX 11.

“I believe to my core that the allegations that were made are untrue,” he said.

He said his “friendship got a little complicated” in 2013 when Kim applied for a job as a campaigner in his comptroller’s race and “we did not hire her.”

“She then went to work for my rival Eliot Spitzer and then we didn’t, we didn’t really stay friends after that,” he said.

He denied her claim that they were introduced by Eric Schneiderman and said that he could not have bribed her with a promotion because “she never worked for me so that I could give a promotion.”

Stringer smiled as he said that was “not surprised that my worthy opponents” would now be attacking him and demanding he stand down — while insisting it was vastly different than his own attacks on Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the allegations made against him.

“The contrast with the governor couldn’t be more clear. He has serious workplace allegations against him, and my situation — who I am, what I’m about — that is not me,” he insisted.

Asked if he is considering dropping out of the mayoral race over the scandal, he told Pix 11, “Of course not. 

“We’ve got a city to rebuild … and we’re ready to go,” he said.

“My mayoral opponents, they can call on me to resign but it’s the people who will make the decision.

“The voters know me for 30 years. They trust me. And they will have the final say.”

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