Second lottery ‘winner’ says she lost out on £200k after scratchcard ‘misprint’

A grandmother claims she is the second person to lose out on £200,000 because of a ‘misprint’ on her ‘winning’ ticket.

Angela Mason has accused Camelot of "cheating" her out of her winnings.

The 57-year-old purchased a Pharaoh’s Fortune card last month, reports The Sun, the same one which Eric Walker has been accused of manipulating.

The gran, from Willenhall in the West Midlands, has a £3 flutter every day and could not sleep the night she got what she thought was the winning ticket – which she planned to use to pay off her mortgage, according to the newspaper.

But Angela had her dreams of a mortgage-free future dashed when she rushed to her local Post Office and was told the win could not be verified.

Florist Angela said: “At the Post Office they put in the code over and over again, but it wasn’t working.

“Everyone I had showed it to said it was a winner, but I emailed Camelot and five days later they replied and said I hadn’t scratched if off properly."

She claims if she had scratched the card anymore it would have been "wrecked".

Camelot reportedly told the 57-year-old that one of her ‘winning’ grid codes was an E5 and not the F5 that she had scratched – meaning the three symbols she revealed did not match up.

The revelation comes just days after it emerged that dad-of-four Mr Walker was also denied a £200k payout on his card.

But he was accused of "doctoring" the letter F to look like an E.

He has invited the police to have a look at the ticket and says he is the one being "cheated".

He explained how his partner Amanda Emmadi, 36, scratched the card off to reveal three winning pharoahs.

"She was staring at the ticket for two hours, she was traumatised because she couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her," he said.

"I had to pull the card out of her hand and then saw the same thing and she was seeing. It’s a winner."

Angela believes Camelot is refusing to pay out because it wants to avoid coughing up millions if there is a widespread fault with the cards.

The mum-of-two said: “I told (Camelot) ‘you’ve got a faulty batch and you know it and are trying not to pay out’.

“It makes me feel angry because they’re denying me a legit pay-out.”

The game offers five top prizes of £200,000 by giving sixteen co-ordinates which are used to scratch off squares on a grid in the hope of matching three pharaoh symbols.

Camelot insists the winning ticket has not yet been claimed and denied claims of a "faulty" batch.

A spokesman said: "We do not believe this to be a faulty batch as Ms Mason claims.

"We will reconstruct the card in our system, just as we did in Mr Walker’s case, to determine whether it is a genuine winning ticket.

"If we believe that somebody has intentionally attempted to defraud The National Lottery, then, just like any other company, we reserve the right to take whatever action we consider is appropriate – which includes reporting the matter to the police.”

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