See Donald Trump’s Insane Animatronic Robot at Walt Disney World

Donald Trump has been immortalized in Disney’s Hall of Presidents, and it is as utterly terrifying as you’d expect.

Not that robo-Trump is any more or less terrifying than any of the other Presidents represented in the Hall. All of them are pretty equally scary, having fallen into the absolute bottom of the uncanny valley.

Never heard of it? It’s that feeling of revulsion you get from looking at something that looks eerily like a human being, but just isn’t quite right. The skin looks off, its movements are stiff and unnatural, and it just doesn’t seem capable of making the micro-expressions our subconscious mind expects to see on a real human face. If you’ve ever seen a doll or a robot and felt an overwhelming desire to either run away or punch its lights out, then you’re looking at something in the uncanny valley.

What’s worse is that it not only looks like Donald Trump, it also sounds like him. The real Donald J. Trump actually provided the voiceover work for his animatronic double, and the combination of his voice and spot-on hand gestures just makes everything even more creepy. He doesn’t say anything particularly controversial (although it is certainly debatable whether or not the President is truly defending the United States Constitution as his robot says he is), but the fact you hear the real President’s voice coming from something so obviously fake is still unnerving in the extreme.

What’s even scarier are the YouTube comments below the video, which we won’t even get into due to explicit language.

Disney’s engineers also really captured Trump’s ability to tilt his head up and stare off into the distance when a woman is talking. Uncanny doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Check out the video below if you want to give yourself a case of the heebies.

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