Selena Gomez Back to You Teasers, Instagrams Teaser Pictures for Single

If you haven’t been fully comprehending Selena Gomez‘s Instagram feed lately, you’re not alone. Recently, the 25-year-old star has posted six cryptic teaser pics and one video alluding to her upcoming “Back to You” music video, so it’s safe to say the highly anticipated MV is coming VERY soon.

On June 1, Selena posted a video screenshot wearing a gorgeous beaded dress with feathered shoulders. The yellow text shows lyrics from the chorus of her 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 soundtrack song, “Back to You.” The next teaser shows Selena looking pensive in a ’70s-style orange top with matching hoop earrings. But don’t be distracted by her look — because there are more lyrical teasers here. The next teaser reveals SelGo’s love interest for the video, and in a follow-up post, they seem to be in an all-out screaming match.

The eerie teaser that follows the first few cryptic posts sees Selena staring straight into the camera, clearly distraught after the blowout fight. The lyric this time reads, “What’s the point in hiding?” But it’s the next teaser that has the Internet in full speculation mode. In the post, Selena is giving the camera SOMETHING serious while sitting in the back of a truck with her man. The lyrical caption for this post reads, “Everybody knows we got unfinished business.” Umm, what is she trying to tell us here?? The Internet thinks this means her song, “Back to You,” IS actually about her ex, Justin Bieber. The two have been known to fight, go through ups and downs and they’ve always had unfinished business. It’s also worth pointing out that the line, “What’s the point in hiding?” COULD be a reference to Jelena hiding from the media.

Despite the string of drama-fueled teasers, Selena’s most recent posts reveal that she’s also having some fun with the “on-and-off” concept.

We’ll have to patiently wait for the full vid to drop to see what all this fake drama is all about… but, thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long, because she captioned her last teaser with “(COMING SOON).” Until then, let the fan theories and guessing games begin!

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