Selena Gomez Runs Back To A Volatile Romance — Justin Bieber? — In Quirky ‘Back To You’ Video

The music video for Selena Gomez’s new song ‘Back To You’ is here! In the clip, she finds that she just can’t keep herself away from her most dangerous relationship. Sound familiar? Watch here!

Selena Gomez is back with a brand new video…and she’s quite a badass in it! The video kicks off with Sel looking quite bored at a party, until she comes into contact with a blonde guy and he agrees to steal a car with her. The two runaway together in the stolen vehicle and seem to be having a great time. That is…until they realize that they’re wanted criminals. Selena refuses to go to jail, so she wants to burn the car, and her man does not agree. Selena does it anyway, only to lead to a blowout fight between them.

At that point, Selena is ready to leave the relationship in the past and head back to the party. However, no matter how unstable the relationship was, she’s quickly bored without the blonde man in her life, and the whole scene starts over again, with Sel asking him to steal a car. It’s a perfect representation of the up-and-down, back-and-forth romance described in the song, which seems to mirror just what Selena has gone through herself with Justin Bieber.

Although “Back To You” definitely appears to be a biographical story for Selena, it’s also featured on the soundtrack for season two of “13 Reasons Why.” However, fans are still in the dark about when we’ll finally get another album from Sel — she’s been working on the record for two years now, but has admitted that she’s not putting any pressure on herself to release it by a certain time. She’ll do so when she’s ready, and we certainly cannot blame her for that!

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