Sexual assault has left me terrified to go clubbing again

We chatted for a while then went to join in the dancing.

I soon noticed an older-looking guy staring at me.

Every time I glanced in his direction he was staring and I felt really uncomfortable.

He tried to grab my hand to pull me towards him but I moved away.

Then I felt him behind me, touching me in places where no woman should be touched without consent.

I went outside and burst into tears.

Now I’m terrified of going clubbing in case it happens again.

I don’t want to miss out on socialising with my friends but I am so scared.

DEIDRE SAYS: This was sexual assault.

No wonder it left you anxious.

Get understanding and support from Rape Crisis (, 0808 802 9999) which helps with sexual assault as well as rape.

If it happens another time, report it to the management straight away – and if it feels safe to do so, shout at the man concerned: “Keep your dirty hands to yourself!”

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