Sexy photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z spark strong reactions online

Racy photos of Jay-Z and Beyoncé are causing a stir online.

Fans who attended the concert in Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday shared the sexy images, which are from a book offered on the couple’s On the Run II tour, on social media.

One of the steamy photos shows a lingerie-clad Beyoncé reading a newspaper in bed, while her husband lies next to her in the buff and smokes a cigar.

Most were on board with Beyoncé’s look, but thought the photo was a bit . . . crowded.

“Beyoncé really wants us to see Jay-Z as a sex symbol,” writes one user on Twitter — capping her tweet with a series of puking emojis.

“Thank God he’s easy to crop out,” writes another.

But some users came to the rapper’s defense.

“Beyoncé finds her husband attractive. Which is all that matters,” tweets one fan. “I doubt she thought, ‘I wonder will my fans find my husband cute here.’ ”

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