‘Shadowhunters’ Finale: Lilith’s About To Get Even ‘Worse’ — Will She Resurrect Jonathan?

The ‘Shadowhunters’ spring finale is going to be one thrilling ride. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Anna Hopkins about Lilith’s next move and more. Buckle up, people. It’s about to get bumpy.

It’s hard to believe that Shadowhunters has reached the middle of its third season already. The show, which airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform, has kept fans on the edge of their seats from the very beginning of this season, especially with Lilith’s arrival. Lilith is one fierce villain, and she’s created so much havoc in such a short amount of time.

Her main goal has been to resurrect Jonathan, but will she succeed in doing that? HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Anna Hopkins ahead of the finale about just that and more. She teased that Lilith is willing to “push” Jace to his limits and even sacrifice him to get what she wants. But what about Simon? He poses a major problem for Lilith. Check out our Q&A with Anna below before the 2-hour finale and get all the scoop!

As we know, we’re going to meet Asmodeus in the finale, and in the last episode, Lilith talks about her feelings regarding a war with him. Will these two cross paths or will the show dig into their past?
Anna Hopkins: Asmodeus is definitely more of an equal to Lilith, and I don’t think we’ve really seen that throughout the season, so she sort of has to deal with him in a little bit of a different way. He definitely symbolizes some restrictions on her power. I think you’re going to see some of her resourcefulness. He’s just another thorn in her side with everything else that’s happening.

Speaking of thorns in her side, there’s the Seelie Queen. Lilith and the Seelie Queen came face-to-face, and there was a moment when the Seelie Queen said that Lilith has no heart and never did. Do they have a past and could it possibly be explored down the road?
Anna Hopkins: That was something that I had asked when I read that scene, and they had said that we [Lilith and the Seelie Queen] have known each other for thousands of years, and I guess over that time there have been instances where we’ve helped each other out and also where we’ve been complete enemies. That’s sort of the relationship coming into this scene. There’s definitely a past. I don’t know what they have planned for that, but I think exploring Lilith and the Seelie Queen’s past together would be so awesome.

The whole last episode was all about Alec, Izzy, and Magnus trying to get Jace back, but in the end, Lilith won that battle. Now that she has Jace back, what can you tease about her next move?
Anna Hopkins: At this point, it’s all or nothing with her. Even confronting Magnus was kind of probably in her mind a big no-no because of Asmodeus, but she did it anyway. She’s already been so evil and has done so many horrible things, but it’s about to get worse for sure. She’s being cornered at this point, so you can expect her to do everything that she can.

Lilith has really been pushing Jace to his limits this season, but how far is she willing to push Jace to get what she wants now that she’s backed into a corner?
Anna Hopkins: I mean, she doesn’t really value Jace’s life. With him, I think she’ll push him until she gets what she wants, and if that means sacrificing him, she will. He’s definitely going to be pushed to his limits as well.

Lilith has learned that Simon is basically indestructible with this Mark of Cain. Is she going to be actively trying to take this guy down? He’s yet another obstacle in her way.
Anna Hopkins: Simon’s definitely I think at this point her biggest obstacle. The problem with him is that in trying to destroy him, that’s how the Mark of Cain works, so it’s strategically less about destroying him and more about thinking away around him. He’s just completely volatile because he doesn’t really understand how it works, but she knows exactly how this ancient thing works. I think she’s going to be avoiding Simon as much as possible. He’s definitely a weapon that he doesn’t even know how to use.

Everything has been leading to the rebirth of Jonathan. Is it going to happen? What can you tease about the finale in that aspect?
Anna Hopkins: Well, I think that it’s going to be a pretty nuanced outcome. It’s never really black and white. There’s always one problem solved, and then another one arises within that same moment. In a sense, she’s going to get what she wants, but it’s not going to be really straightforward.

Should fans be worried about the finale? Should fans be expecting deaths?
Anna Hopkins: They should always be worried, especially in this genre. No one’s really safe, which is what makes these types of shows so thrilling. Shadowhunters is no exception to that. The writers are really skilled at constructing some really interesting cliffhangers that have many variables to them. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

Is there anything redeemable about Lilith?
Anna Hopkins: Yes, there’s a ton! I think that her main goal in bringing Jonathan back is kind of the only human thing about her. You could re-tell this whole season from her perspective. I think they did a really good job in creating her and not having her be the villain for the sake of being a villain. She actually has her own goals and desires that are, in a sense, human.

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