Shoppers go wild for ICE POP versions of classic British sweets

Shoppers go wild for ICE POP versions of classic sweets such as Drumsticks and Refreshers (and they cost just £1 for a pack of five)

  • B&M stores is selling packs of five push-up ice pops in three flavours for £1
  • The lollies come in Fruity Pops, Drumstick and Refreshers flavours
  • You have to freeze them yourself at home 

Drumsticks, Refreshers, and Fruity Pops: just some of the classic sweets that have defined many British people’s childhoods. 

Just in time for summer, now you can buy ice pop versions of these iconic brands – and they cost just £1 for a pack of five.

Fans have gone wild for the freeze-at-home Swizzels push-up ice pops after B&M started selling them.

Customers will get five of the push-up pops in one pack, which costs £1 at B&M stores

Shoppers will get two blackcurrent Fruity Pops-flavoured lollies, one cherry and apple Drumstick-flavoured pop and two strawberry Refreshers-flavoured treats in the pack.

Savvy shoppers have already been going wild for them on Facebook, after one user posted them to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

Donna Devlin on Facebook said the lollies ‘taste amazing’. 

The ice pops come in the flavours of three iconic British sweets: Fruity Pops, Drumstick and Refreshers

The ice pops aren’t sold as frozen but are easy to freeze as they just need popping in your freezer at home.

The new product comes after Sainsbury’s started selling two new flavours of alcoholic ice pops that taste like your favourite cocktail.

Costing £3 for four push-up lollies, the ice pops come in gin and tonic or raspberry bellini flavours. 

Sainsbury’s Calippo-style ice lollies come with a kick as both flavours have an ABV of 4.5 per cent. 

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