Shoppers outraged as Tesco doubles price of sanitary products

Tesco has raised its price of sanitary towels to double the amount, making the products no longer the cheapest available in the UK – much to the outrage of customers.

According to MoneySavingExpert, the 10-pack Essentials maxi towels were originally priced at 23p, making each pad worth just 2p. However, this has now been raised to 4p individually.

The increase follows a series of recently made more expensive supermarket staples in effect of the rise of cost of living in the country.

An 8% surge has taken place among the public’s most favoured and essential shop staples, with sanitary towels — one of the most vital products of all — designated under these costly changes.

The Sun reported that Tesco raised the price of its sanitary towels in July 2021.

While the supermarket product may no longer hold the record as the cheapest available, there are still other affordable options out there, as Asda now have the most inexpensive sanitary towels in stock in its stores.

The essentials chain has its regular ultra towels priced at 3p per pad and its non-applicator tampons are set even cheaper at 2p per tampon.

Morrisons’ own branded 24-pack sanitary towels are the next cheaper products being sold, followed by Tesco’s 10-pack Essential maxi towels and Asda’s 20-pack regular applicator tampons — which are all priced at 4p per item.

For those looking to save on sanitary products, opting for branded versions of these items is advisable as these are usually sold cheaper.

There are also comparison websites accessible for customers, such as Sanitary Saver, that offer up information on the most affordable prices for pads and tampons in UK shops including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Boots and many more stores.

In order to plan ahead for that sanitary product run, there are free period-tracker apps that can be downloaded on phones enabling users to estimate when their next period is due.

Another way to save money on sanitary items is by using reusable products like menstrual cups or “period pants” which are now being sold more readily online and in stores.

These products are a great way of cutting out those costly sanitary items and provide sometimes a more comfortable experience during that time of the month for wearers.

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