Why You Shouldn’t Start Grieving The Avengers Just Yet, Even If ‘Infinity War’ Kills Them

With Avengers: Infinity War finally hitting theaters on April 27, Marvel fans are antsy to know what’s coming up next after the much hyped movie. Luckily, Infinity War isn’t the last Avengers movie. The good news is there’s another one coming up in 2019, so the wait for the follow-up won’t be too long. The bad news is that that one will be the final installment of the Avengers movies. In a Vanity Fair interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the last movie, which remains untitled, is coming next year, wrapping up the story for some of our favorite superheroes. This is due to the Avengers cast’s contracts coming to an end, which means that the 2019 movie might be the last we see of many of them for awhile — and some of them might even not survive the finale.

It’ll be a bummer to not have more Avengers movies after the sequel comes out, but the upside is that Marvel has been paying attention to fans who have asked for more diversity and so some of the studio’s upcoming projects will be more representative than the Avengers films have been. Black Panther, one of the biggest movies of 2018, proved just how much representation and diversity matters, and thankfully. T’Challa and other characters from the movie are slated to appear in Infinity War, including fan-favorites Okoye and Shuri. There will also be a Black Panther sequel happening sometime in the future, although details haven’t been released yet.

That’s not all Marvel has in store in terms of more representation, though. Brie Larson will be playing Captain Marvel in an upcoming standalone film, although she won’t appear in Infinity War despite rumors she would. During a press conference at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, director Joe Russo said that she won’t make an appearance in the April movie. Still, considering how Marvel often tries to save special surprises for fans, it’s hard to tell whether Russo was hiding her appearance or if Captain Marvel really isn’t in Infinity War.

Since Larson’s name doesn’t appear in the IMDB credits for Infinity War yet, fans will have to wait till the movie comes out to get the confirmation. Even if it doesn’t end up happening, at least Larson’s Captain Marvel movie will be here in 2019. Marvel knows that fans have been begging for a female-focused superhero movie for years, and now it’s the perfect time to do so. The studio’s rival DC showed how successful female superhero movies directed by women can be with Wonder Woman becoming a massive blockbuster hit, so Marvel has thankfully followed suit and hired Anna Boden as co-director and one of the screenwriters. In fact, the screenplay features seven writers and only one of them is a man, co-director Ryan Fleck.

The exact plot of the Captain Marvel movie hasn’t been revealed yet, but her origin story references aspects of Guardians of the Galaxy, since she received her powers after experiencing the explosion of a device created by the Kree while being part of the Air Force. During the aforementioned Comic Con panel, screenwriter Christopher Markus gave a bit more info about what fans can expect from her character. “[Captain Marvel is] in some ways the closest to Captain America which is a weird, now rare kind of character which is sort of a person who’s right and knows they’re right and doesn’t really want to hear it when you tell them they’re wrong,” Markus said.

It sounds like we’re finally getting the headstrong, badass female superhero we’ve been waiting for. So if you’re disappointed about Captain Marvel probably not appearing in Infinity War, don’t worry, 2019 will be a huge year for her. Joe Russo also confirmed her appearance in the fourth and final Avengers movie, so we’ll be seeing plenty of the heroine soon. It’s sad to see the core Avengers go, but it’s so exciting to see what Marvel will bring us next.

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