Single mother earns £100 per HOUR dressing up as Disney princesses

Single mother earns up to £500 a WEEK dressing up as Disney princesses for children’s parties (and makes so much she turned it into a full-time job)

  • Rachelle Douglas, 32, charges £100 an hour to dress up as a Disney princess 
  • The single mother delights children with her Belle, Elsa and Rapunzel acts  
  • She carefully studies Disney films to perfect accent, costume and mannerisms 
  • Ms Douglas, from Tyne and Wear, also takes her acts to children’s hospitals

A single mother revealed she earns up to £100-an-hour dressing up as Disney princesses for children’s parties.

Rachelle Douglas, 32, of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, spends more than 30 hours a week perfecting her take on family favourites including Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Elsa from Frozen and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

The mother-of-four set up her business, Make It Magical Entertainment, 18 months ago after stumbling upon children’s entertainment by accident and now earns up to £500 a week bringing the characters to life. 

The entertainer, whose costumes cost an average of £250, is word perfect on every song and has forensically studied the princesses’ mannerisms. She has even taught herself how to lose her Geordie accent and adopt an American one to complete the transformation.

Pretty as a princess! Single mother Rachelle Douglas as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The 32-year-old charges up to £100 an hour to dress up as a princess for children’s parties

Dressed down: Children’s entertainer and mother-of-four Rachelle Douglas in normal clothes. She spends more than 30 hours a week studying films, rehearsing and mending costumes

Ms Douglas said: ‘I feel like I spend more time in character than not, even when I’m not dressed up I find myself doing the accent. I find it hard to work as myself.

‘I have to watch all of the films, we even copy the makeup correctly for each character. It takes a good hour and a half each time to get ready.’

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Ms Douglas was introduced to the work when an entertainer she had booked for her own children’s party asked he to cover a booking as a princess.

She said: ‘I wasn’t too keen on doing it because I wasn’t very confident. I did it anyway and absolutely loved it. I started doing a few more gigs for her and then decided to start it up on my own. 

Perfect princess: Rachelle, seen dressed as Elsa from Frozen, takes 90 minutes to get ready

Disney villain: The mother dressed as Angelina Jolie’s title character from 2014 Maleficent

‘The best part about the job is putting the smiles on the kids faces. You do completely make their day.

‘When you walk into the room, it is the best feeling in the world to see the kids’ faces – it is actually magical.’

The popular performer charges £50 for a 30-minute stint in character, with the average party lasting around two hours.

She is currently booked for roughly five hours a week at parties but spends a further 35 hours mending and cleaning costumes, learning songs and rehearsing her acts. 

Giving back: Ms Douglas, pictured, also takes her princess acts into children’s hospitals

Dream come true: Ms Douglas as Moana, left, and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, right. She delights in telling children that she lives in a castle with the other princesses

Family favourite: The mother-of-four with an extra long blonde braid as Rapunzel. She said she is booked for an average of five hours a week and spends the rest of the time rehearsing

‘I do spend quite a few hours every week rewatching things,’ she said.

‘There are new films coming out like Moana so I’ve had to watch it quite a few times, at the minute it’s the Greatest Showman.’

Ms Douglas delights in telling children that she lives in a real castle and said she is so convincing that her own children thought she was Elsa from Frozen.  

The entertainer also uses her talents to bring joy to children in hospital as part of her dedicated charity work.

She added: ‘It looks like I’m charging an absolute fortune but that’s not the case. 

‘Some of the gigs I do charge a lot of money for but I do far more charity work and free work which outweighs all of that.’

Rachelle is now training for a trek across the Sahara later this year to raise money for for St Oswald’s Hospice. It comes after she had a health scare which saw her undergo brain surgery in March. Click here for more information. 

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