‘Siren’ Scoop: Ryn, Ben & Maddie Will Be ‘Confronting’ Their Feelings & More In Season 2

‘Siren’ season 2 is back and bigger than ever. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Eline Powell about what’s ahead in the coming episodes. We got scoop on Ryn’s life after Donna’s death, that love triangle, and more!

“Season 2 picks up not too long after the end of season 1. So Donna has passed away, Xander did what he did and has lost his father. Helen has taken Ryn in, because Ryn has decided to step back from Ben and Maddie, who have also separated,” Eline Powell told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The characters are in a bit of their own worlds as we find them, and Ryn is staying with Helen and trying to learn as much as she can about this human world, because she has to make her life on land. I think we find Ryn very lonely. She’s lost her sister. She’s a pack animal at the end of the day, and she can’t go back in the sea, so I think her way of coping with that is to just move forward and try to really focus on what she can do, which is make the best of what she has right now.”

Siren season 2 will feature the arrival of even more mermaids, and the show will peel back the layers on our favorite characters. “I feel like we are really exploring the mermaids, but also the human characters, and going deeper into their personalities and to their lives. Helen is one of my favorite characters, and she goes on this fantastic journey, and it’s not always good, but I find her story very fascinating.”

Ryn, Ben, and Maddie’s burgeoning love triangle really came into play at the end of the first season, and Eline teased that the show is just getting started with this complicated trio. “Ryn, Ben, and Maddie are forced to work together in season 2,” Eline revealed.”In the beginning of season 2, they are all cautiously trying to keep their distance, but events force them to be once again the A-Team and try to get things solved and moving forward, if you will. So, inevitably, those seeds that were planted in season 1, they will grow, and they will have to be explored, but of course the issues haven’t gone away. That song with Ryn is still such a tricky element to their relationship and the fact that Ryn is only just learning about human emotions. The ocean, it is much more primal, so we mate and have tight pack bond, but in terms of love, in terms of attraction, in terms of deeper feelings, that’s a very new road for Ryn to go down, and then place that in the bigger realm with humans, and all three of them are really going be confronting in season 2 what exactly those emotions are.”

She continued: “For Ryn, things are kind of fairly simple. She’s pansexual, so she doesn’t see gender. For her, she really just sees the person and the personality. So for her things are quite simple. But then to place that in a human world narrative, and the social constructs there, and then what Maddie feels, what Ben feels, and what Ben feels bearing in mind that he has that song in his head, all those elements together, it does get very confusing. And, really, love should be just very simple, but I think they all have to go on a bit of a journey before they can understand what is really going on there.”

As for whether or not she ships Ryn and Ben or Ben and Maddie, Eline has some thoughts. “Some people are really for Ryn and Ben, some people are really for Ben and Maddie, and some people Maddie and Ryn. Some people are like, let’s just let them all be together. I actually don’t know who I ship. I really love Ben and Maddie. I feel they’re a great pair, but obviously I’m going to be a bit selfish. I think they all work as individual couples, but they could also work with the right communication and the right clarity as a trio, so I will just stay tuned.” Siren season 2 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

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