Six driving tips to help Brits save money on fuel as oil costs continue to soar

Petrol and diesel costs are rapidly rising as the Ukraine and Russia war continues to escalate.

President Vladimir Putin's invasion of the country has caused huge hikes to fuel prices.

Now motoring experts have revealed a number of money-saving tips to help you spend less on fuel in the UK.

Richard Williams, Head of Transport Policy at the Consumer Council, said the international crude oil costs have almost doubled.

So with that in mind, Brits are probably wondering how they can save on their next fill up.

Here are six ways in which drivers can make petrol last longer, reports Birmingham Live.

Avoid air conditioning or heating

Although it's tempting, cutting down on the use of these features could help your petrol last longer.

Maybe consider an extra layer in winter or rolling down the windows in summer, all of this can really help.

More strain will burn a lot of fuel, especially while driving at lower speeds.

Take care when the car is cold

Make sure you drive slowly when your car is starting to warm up.

This is because cold engines tend to be less efficient, so if you drive fast immediately you end up wasting fuel.

While the engines of older cars may need to be left for a bit to warm up, modern cars will run from the moment they're started.

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Check tyre pressure

Tyres when under-inflated by just 15psi will use 6% more fuel on average.

However, checking tyre pressure on a regular basis will help you cut down on costs.

By making sure that your tyres are inflated you'll be able to get an additional 26 miles from a 60-litre tank of fuel.

Look into fuel-efficient tyres

Also on the topic of tyres, looking into more efficient wheels could help save money too.

If you want to reduce fuel consumption, try choosing tyres which have a lower rolling resistance.

Energy-efficient tyres will result in the driver getting a higher mileage out of their vehicle.

Learn to drive economically

Taking an advanced driving course will teach you how to adjust your driving style to make it more economical.

These courses can teach you methods including driving smoothly, accelerating gently and being more aware of hazards.

Look at fuel cashback deals

If you're looking into getting a new credit card or store loyalty cards, try shopping around for fuel cashback benefits.

For instance, the Santander 123 credit card offers 3% cashback at all major petrol stations.

And let's not forget the Tesco Clubcard which offers five points for every £4 spent on fuel.

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