"Sixteen Candles" Turns 30 — Whatever Happened to Jake Ryan?!

It’s been 30 years since Sam Baker’s family forgot about her birthday in “Sixteen Candles,” and just as long since Jake Ryan stole all our collective hearts.

But in the years following the film’s release, the actor who played him all but vanished.

While Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, John Cusack, Liane Curtis and even the guy who played Long Duk Dong have all enjoyed steady success in entertainment, Michael Schoeffling disappeared.

See how the entire cast — sans Michael — have all aged in the gallery above. Plus, see what they’re doing now.

As for Schoeffling, let’s dig a little deeper.

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The dreamy actor was 23 when he played the sweet high school jock in “Sixteen Candles,” and continued to smolder in films like “Mermaids” and “Let’s Get Harry” before his final role in 1991’s “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.”

The actor then left Hollywood behind and raised two children, Zane and Scarlett, with wife Valerie Robinson. He reportedly started a furniture company and was never seen again.

We tried to track him down for the big 30th anniversary, but the guy is impossible to find.

His daughter, however, is a gorgeous model in NYC and, most recently, was part of the Harbison presentation during MADE Fashion Week in February.

Take a look at her — stunning, right?

We thought maybe, just maybe, we’d be able to talk to Scarlett about her modeling career and her famous father. Unfortunately, her agency called it a long shot — saying the Schoefflings are notoriously private about their family life and would like to keep it that way. A reasonable answer, for sure.

And don’t try checking her out on social networking either — the only Instagram photo she ever posted of her father was a Throwback Thursday from way back in the day.

Long story short: It looks like we’ll just have to keep remembering Michael as the perfect man he was back in 1984 — the teenage boy who dumped his prom queen girlfriend for the girl-next-door.

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