Skinny brows are back thanks to Pammy and TikTok – here’s how to make them 2k22

We have to admit that we shuddered a little (a lot) when we heard that the nineties and noughties skinny brow trend was making a comeback, thanks to a combination of stars like Bella Hadid, Lily James as Pamela Anderson and, of course, TikTok.

On the subject of TikTok, take a look through the Y2K aesthetic hashtag and you’ll see almost endless creators sporting skinny brows and blue eyeshadow in a nod to some of the noughties’ most popular beauty trends. “Why are thin eyebrows kinda a vibe though?” asks one.

So if your brows have always been on the sparse side, now is your moment. “For people who have naturally thinner brows it is important not to be scared of using tweezers, as the slim brow trend will work for you,” says Fides Baldesberger, CEO and owner of cult tweezer brand Rubis. “Carefully tweeze to create a subtle arch.”

If not and you want to take the plunge and groom your natural brows so that they are permanently a little slimmer (you are braver than us), we have some expert insight on that, too.

"To get thin brows, start by brushing your brows so the hairs go upwards (toothbrushes work well), so you can see where to pluck, and make sure you are in a well-lit room," advises Fides.

"Brows should start straight up from the inner corner of each eye, the arch placement comes from a line from the nostril through the centre of the pupil to brow, and then the outer edge is from your nostril to the outer corner of the eye,” she continues. “Pluck one hair at a time and step back from the mirror at intervals to check the overall look. If in doubt, don't pluck it out."

If your arches are naturally fuller and fluffier, however, you can groom them into a more defined, thinner looking shape by using a spoolie. A heavy-duty concealer will also help to create a defined edge and cover any hairs that don’t fit that sharp, noughties-esque silhouette – or you could even follow TikToker @__bexbeauty__’s lead and cover your natural brows completely with concealer, and using pomade to re-draw them on.

Noughties throwback videos aside, it's worth noting that the modern take on the thin brow, as seen on Bella Hadid, is a little fuller than the original – think sharply groomed rather than overplucked.

Consider your crash course in faking a noughties brow, complete.

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