Snaps reveal the most photographed food on Instagram in the UK

Mouthwatering snaps reveal the top dishes British foodies post on Instagram (and CURRY is more popular than avocado)

  • Data reveals that curry is the most shared food by British Instagram users
  • UK diners have shared snaps of curry half a million times in the last year
  • Avocado ranked second, while the national dish of fish and chips came third
  • FEMAIL has shared delicious Instagram snaps of the most shared foods 

Millennials are known to love avocados almost as much as they love Instagram, so it would make sense that the green fruit is the most snapped food on the picture-sharing website.

However new data reveals that the healthy ingredient often smashed onto toast is only the second-most Instatgrammed edible treat.

Curry is in fact the most shared meal on Instagram in the UK, with half a million posts of it on the social media website.

Curry is the most photographed meal on Instagram in the UK, according to new data, and there are many snaps of mouthwatering dishes on the picture-sharing website, including of this homemade chicken tikka masala with cream and saffron rice by

The most Instagrammed food in the UK revealed

1. Curry

2. Avocado 

3. Fish and chips

4. Yorkshire pudding

5. Cream tea 

6. Sausage rolls

7. Trifle

8. Chip butty

9. Cornish pasty

10. Beef wellington 

Researchers commissioned by holiday letting agency Stay In Cornwall monitored posts about popular foods in the UK over the last year to find the most popular foods.

Curry came in top, followed by avocado, which was shared more than 271,000 times, with fish and chips making up the top three with nearly 64,000 posts.

Yorkshire puddings, cream teas, and sausage rolls were the next most popular foods to be snapped by Brits and shared on Instagram.

Now FEMAIL has chosen some of the most mouthwatering images of these dishes shared on the picture-sharing website to tickle your tastebuds.

So would you enjoy these classic British meals?  

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Is there a more British sight than this? Bryan Fraser enjoyed a traditional butter chicken dish with naan bread and a hefty portion of deep-fried chips at his local pub


Avocado is renowned for being the favourite food of millennials and it is most often sliced or mashed onto toast (left). In the right photo, a British cook has topped her toast with slices of tomaot and a spoon of sour cream as well 


Fish and chips is Britain’s most famous national dish and it is surprisingly one of the most photographed on Instagram too, despite not being a particularly photogenic or colourful meal. This diner tucked into a portion from Bells of Durham outside the cathedral 


A Sunday roast just isn’t complete without a Yorkshire pudding in the UK, which may be why the doughy delights are one of the most snapped foods on Instagram. This diner tucked into hers at a Toby Carvery with strips of gammon, beef, peas, roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy


Cream, or jam first? You can tell this customer was in Devon as she spread clotted cream over her gluten-free scones first before topping with jam, whereas in Cornwall, you should always spread jam first


They may not be the most photogenic of foods, but in the UK, sausage rolls are the sixth most photographed treat on Instagram. This user made some homemade rolls and likes to dip them in HP ‘brown’ sauce

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