‘SNL’: Kacey Musgraves Get Fans Dancing With Her Performance Of ‘High Horse’ — Watch

We have a new favorite song! Kacey Musgraves wowed audiences with a stunning performance of her new single ‘High Horse’ on ‘SNL’! Check it out right here!

Absolutely amazing! Kacey Musgraves, 29, may not be a household name but with tracks like this and equally charming performances up her sleeves, she will be soon! The brunette beauty took the stage on Saturday Night Live to perform her new track “High Horse” and we’re still pretty breathless. Wearing billowing blue striped slacks and a sexy white top, the Texas native appeared right at home on the coveted stage! This is definitely a track that will get fans dancing to the infectious rhythm. However, although it’s super catchy, this track has a clear message! Some choice lyrics include: “Yeah, everyone knows someone who knows someone, who thinks they’re cooler than everybody else. And I think we’ve seen enough, seen enough.” Yikes! See more photos from season 43 of the hit show right here!’

Kacey’s incredible visit is the latest in a slew of dazzling musical acts who’ve visited the Studio 8H stage. Most recently Childish Gambino dropped by to perform “This Is America,” his striking new single. While delivering the genre-defying track, he went shirtless in tan slacks as teenage dancers nearby showcased insane moves. By the song’s end, Gambino was wailing wildly as the stage was assaulted with a hypnotizing lights show. Something tells us Gambino is just getting started when it comes to offering fresh, awe-inspiring music.

Likewise, Jack White brought down the house when performed his new song “Over and Over and Over” on April 14. Taking the stage in a striped leather jacket and utilizing 3 microphones, Jack howled his way through the bluesy, guitar-driven track. Backed by a chorus of soulful singers, Jack’s new oddity of a single is bound to stick with you for a while. It was weird and unpredictable and completely mesmerizing!

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