Social media users predict a coronavirus baby boom

Are YOU heading for a baby or a break-up? Social media users predict a boom of pandemic babies who will be called ‘coronials’ or ‘quaranteens’ – but others tease that self-isolation will make the divorce rate skyrocket

  • Social media users from around the globe have shared memes about quarantine
  • Some predicted that boredom in self-isolation could lead to 2020 baby boom
  • Others joked that  being quarantined with your other half could lead to a divorce 
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With people across the world forced to work from home or self-isolate because of the worsening coronavirus crisis, many are looking for ways to pass the time.

With this in mind, social media users have predicted another baby boom, with one teasing that this generation will be the ‘new boomers’ in years to come.

Others took to Instagram to joke that when this generation are adults, they’ll be labelled the ‘quaranteens’, while others favoured the ‘coronials’. 

One joker shared a snap of the pharmacy aisle, pointing out that while hand sanitizer was sold out, there were plenty of condoms left on the shelf. 

However, some argued that people spending time with their partners non-stop during quarantine could have the opposite effect, amid news that 88 couples who came out of isolation in Wuhan immediately filed for divorce. 

Some social media users from around the world  have predicted that there will be a baby boom as couples stay at home due to coronavirus 

Others predicted that the new generation of young people born as a result of the pandemic baby boom will be called the ‘coronials’ 

Adán, believed to be from the US, pointed out that some may be stockpiling the wrong essentials 


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