Sonic Has An Entire Secret Pickle Menu — Here’s How To Order From It

2018 is the summer of the pickle. The beloved verdant partner of deli sandwiches is at long last being recognized for what it brings to the table on its own. But, now pickles in their purest form are not the only options to make you pucker. If you can dream pickle, chances are you can eat and drink pickle, as well. But, the option is not always going to be so crystal clear. Case-in-point: a delicious, yet secret pickle menu at Sonic. Grab your magnifying glasses, because the pickle fare of your dreams might just be hiding in plain sight.

So, you may not have to dig super deep to find Sonic’s secret pickle menu— it just takes a little bit of ingenuity. The deal is that Sonic recently added an unprecedented Pickle Slush to its legendary menu of icy treats. Earlier this month, customers at America’s Drive-In were the first to be given the option to swap their traditional fruity, saccharine sippable treat for one more subtly sour. What flavors the pickle slush is a signature briney-sweet syrup. With that in mind, what is stopping you from adding it to any number of other products? Nothing, if you ask Scott Uehlein, the VP of Product Innovation and Development at Sonic.

At a recent menu preview, Uehlein and his team noted a trend of customers asking to add a few pumps of pickle syrup to other sweet choices, like Sonic’s iconic cherry limeade. "Pickle juice theoretically could go into anything — anything that’s a beverage, anything that’s ice cream, it could get squirted on waffle fries, anything," Uehlein said, according to Delish. "You can do anything with it, not that you would."

Delish reports, when asked specifically, Uehlein emphasized customers have the option to add pickle syrup to ANYTHING. Want some damp, vaguely verdant tots? Sonic can pickle (syrup) it. How about a straw-pickle milkshake? Sonic can pickle (syrup) it. Pickle French Toast Sticks to get your morning going? Sonic can pickle (syrup) it, too. The options are limitless, and maybe even a bit troubling.

While unquestionably remarkable, don’t think the summer of the pickle is limited to Sonic’s syrup. Your choices of pickle snacks are endless.

Heluva Good!, a longstanding New York-based cheese and dip company recently added a Dill Pickle-flavored Dip to its already extensive lineup. The condiment is reportedly made from a combination of different milks, salt, garlic, onion, spices, dill, mustard, vinegar, and turmeric, making it smooth, creamy, and a little bit sour. It’s a perfect accompaniment for any crunchy snack (or for dipping a pickle in, if you’re feeling really adventurous).

KFC, the country’s leading fast food fried chicken restaurant, is also getting in on the action. After tweeting some not so subtle hints regarding a new mystery chicken flavor being added to the menu, KFC formally introduced its Pickle Fried Chicken earlier this week. According to KFC, it starts with a base of their famous Extra Crispy Chicken which is then "coated it in pickle sauce," which features, "…onion and garlic notes, buttermilk and a white and black pepper blend — a combination that is sure to satisfy even the ultimate foodie’s palate." Watch out 17 herbs and spices, there’s a new sheriff in town.

On the decision to be the first fast food restaurant to add pickle fried chicken to the menu, KFC’s US Chief Merchandising Officer Andrea Zahumensky said, "People are crazy about pickles, and pickle-flavored products are becoming today’s trendiest menu item." Clearly, she’s on to something.

Who would have thought, in 2018, rosé would be dethroned by something that tastes the opposite of sweet? This summer, embrace your sour side by trying out as many pickle snacks as you can, and seeing how creative you can get with Sonic’s secret pickle menu.

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