Southern Charm: Cameron Eubanks Apologizes to Kathryn Dennis for Shunning Her amid Custody Battle

Cameran Eubanks has had a change of heart.

On part one of the Southern Charm reunion Thursday, Eubanks broke down into tears while apologizing to Kathryn Dennis for judging her too harshly in the past.

“I view Kathryn in such a different light now,” Eubanks said. “I view you now as more of a victim. I do. When Thomas [Ravenel] met Kathryn she was pretty much still a child. I think he took advantage of her and I think he manipulated her. He manipulated a lot of us into being against her.”

Dennis lost custody of her two children with Ravenel — Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2½ — and entered rehab in 2016 after she failed a drug test. She recently revealed she has since earned back 50/50 custody.

Eubanks, who gave birth to her first child in November, said becoming a mom helped her understand Dennis on a new level.

“I have so much more empathy for you now. I can’t imagine how you have felt and I’m really sorry,” she said. “I just can’t imagine what you’ve been through as a mom, and not having support around you in that time in your life. And then, to have all this s— you had to go through on top of it, it makes me feel sick.”

Dennis also became emotional as she accepted the apology.

“It means a lot to hear that,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of resentment and anger because I felt like I was treated unfairly. But I know that Thomas is super convincing and to have you say that finally gives me affirmation that I wasn’t the crazy one. Finally, you guys see it. He’s shown you guys on his own. I knew nature would take its course. And I just appreciate being in a place where you guys understand me.”

Throughout season 5 of Southern Charm, Dennis was determined to prove that she’d changed for the better — and Eubanks noticed.

“The fact that you’re able to sit here and be so poised and calm and put together with the pure hell that you have been through, it says a lot about you,” said Eubanks. “I think in the end, you’re going to have the last laugh and you’re going to look back on all of this and it’s going to make sense.”

She continued: “I don’t think we even know the half of what she’s been through. You do a really good job of putting on a brave face.”

Along with her ongoing custody battle, the season also saw Dennis getting into several heated arguments with Ravenel’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. During the season finale, Jacobs referred to Dennis as an “egg donor” and questioned the validity of their family, saying “Don’t forget that your kids were taken away from you, don’t forget that. Someday they are going to want to know why.”

After watching the episodes, Eubanks called Jacobs a “horrible human being.”

Ravenel, who was not present at the reunion, is currently under investigation by South Carolina police after allegations of sexual assault were brought against him by “nanny Dawn,” who was featured on the show caring for their kids.

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Additionally, real estate agent Ashley Perkins has alleged that Ravenel assaulted her mom Debbie Holloway Perkins after meeting him on Tinder in October 2015 and going on a first date.

Ravenel has denied the accusations through his attorney. While he was not at the reunion, a source close to the network told PEOPLE that “no decision has been made yet” about firing him from the reality show.

Ravenel’s girlfriend will appear on part two of the reunion, which airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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