‘Southern Charm’ Sneak Peek: Naomie Gets Pissed Over Craig’s New Crush — Watch

Oh, LAWD! The drama is at an all-time high on this week’s episode of ‘Southern Charm.’ In this EXCLUSIVE clip, Naomie finds out Craig has feelings for a new girl, and she’s not happy about it.

Shep, Austen, Naomie, and Chelsea all get together for a little pow-wow session on the May 3 episode of Southern Charm, and some very interesting information comes out. Shep asks Austen about Peyton, the girl Shep met on his dating show RelationShep. Austen and Peyton have been hanging out, but he assures everyone (mainly Chelsea) that they’re just friends.

Peyton has some tea to spill about Craig, though. While he was getting his hair cut by Chelsea, he dished about his life post-Naomie. “This summer, I met this girl Peyton,” Craig told Chelsea. “I did feel a little bit of a crush on her. It was the first time after breaking up with Naomie that I was like, ‘I might do something with this person.’”

Naomie takes a deep breath at the table. Chelsea stresses that Craig said he was still in love with Naomie, but Naomie’s still freaking out a little bit. She asks to see a picture of Peyton and rolls her eyes when Shep shows her what Peyton looks like. “I’m trying to breathe normally right now. I’m so f**king pissed,” Naomie says to the group. “He was making me feel guilty and me feel bad and me feel like I can’t move on because he’s like, ‘Oh, I want to get back together and I want all this stuff.’ So he says one thing and does another. It makes me nuts.”

Naomie says she wants to text Craig and ask about Peyton, which has Shep and others laughing. “I’m normal,” Naomie says. “I’m not crazy.” Southern Charm season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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