‘Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll: Victoria’s ‘Insecurities’ Will ‘Bite Her In Ass Again’ This Season

Austen Kroll has been at the center of some major relationship drama this season on ‘Southern Charm,’ and in our EXCLUSIVE interview, he reveals that it’s far from over.

There’s always relationship drama on Southern Charm, but Austen Kroll’s relationships with Chelsea Meissner and Victoria have come to the forefront in season 5. Chelsea and Austen are trying to navigate this just friends landscape, but his girlfriend Victoria just can’t over the fact that Chelsea and Austen had romantic relationship in the past.

Plus, the cozy picture of Austen and Chelsea didn’t help things with Victoria. Austen spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the aftermath of the photo and admitted that tension with Victoria “comes to a head” later on this season. Check out our Q&A below!

Is everything all good now with Chelsea? Have you guys have found a good footing?
Austen Kroll: Chelsea and I, especially at the reunion, I had some things to talk with her about and kind of figure out where she was at. But she’s such a kind and caring person, I knew that we’d figure it out, and I think that Chelsea and I are certainly good friends.

Much of the tension for you lately this season has been about Victoria being angry about that photo of you and Chelsea at Hilton Head. Looking back on it now, do you still think she overreacted about it?
Austen Kroll: In the moment, I think everyone thinks that they’re right. And it’s like, “What are you talking about? It’s fine.” But I mean, I had spoken with her ad nauseam about how Chelsea and I were just friends and said, “You know that I’m going to Hilton Head, and she’s going to be there. I’m going to have a talk with her. I’m going to tell her that you and I have decided to see each other again, and that’s my decision. I’ve decided to be with you and put forth an effort into this relationship, and I’m gonna tell Chelsea and I know that she’s gonna be fine with it.” The whole purpose of my conversation was to get to a good place with Chelsea, because the last time that I told her I was dating Victoria she kind of shut down and was like, “Well then I can’t really be in your life because she’s going get jealous.” So this time I was like, “That can’t happen, it’s going to be fine.” So I had a talk with her. We were moving forward with our new relationship, Chelsea and I. So we’re on the boat and I wasn’t even thinking about it because we’d just had this great talk and then she started to cozy up to me, and…

And it’s cold!
Austen Kroll: Sure. You have no idea; it was so cold. We were like, “This boat ride sucks!” And I didn’t think anything of it, so when she [Victoria] called me I was like, “What are you talking about?” So to talk her off the ledge, like I’ve done, it was just exhausting. And I might not have answered it in the correct way when I spoke to her. When I watched the footage, even Chelsea and I were like, “Yeah, that was a little flirtatious. Maybe overstepping the boundaries.” But if you knew us, how close we are, it doesn’t seem that way. It wasn’t like, “Oh, Chelsea’s trying to get it.” But that’s how Victoria saw it and she felt that she was overstepping boundaries, and I understand. I do.

Pictures tell a thousand words, and they also don’t tell a thousand words.
Austen Kroll: Right! I understand where she was coming from, which is why I was like, “Please just talk to her. I think that you need to clear the air with Chelsea because I have already done so. I told her that we’re dating. She knows.”

So at this beer tasting in a previous episode, Victoria and Chelsea talked for the first time since everything that had happened. It seemed that they ended up in a decent place, or can we expect more of this tension with Victoria to play out this season? Or has it sort of simmered for the time being?
Austen Kroll: Well, I was so happy that they had talked. They are both important to me for varying reasons. Now I’m dating Victoria and I want to be supportive of her and her talk with Chelsea, which is important to me. As soon as it gets good, it gets bad again. So it does not simmer, no. Just when I think it’s great and I’m like, “Yes! You are good with her! Yes! Life is good! Let’s move forward and be together and actually try to make this new relationship work.” And then her insecurities come to bite her in the ass again, and at some point it comes to a head.

I talked to Craig a couple months ago, and he said that this season was very much about the guys banding together and the girls really growing closer. Do you still feel that way? I feel like the guys are on a really good roll at this point where we are in the season.
Austen Kroll: Yeah, it was most certainly, in my opinion, a battle of the sexes. And the women really band together. I think all of us were kind of blindsided at how aggressive that they kind of banded together to be towards us. And I don’t think that all of us deserved it. I really don’t. Like, what did I do?

How is the beer journey going at this point?
Austen Kroll: It’s an ongoing process, and it’s definitely progressing. Anything that I release that has my name behind it… I don’t want to slap my name onto some whatever and be like, “Buy my beer because Austen sells it.” It’s Austen’s beer so it’s been this whole thing, and I’m trying to start a company and with anything, it’s a lot of work. And I’m realizing it as I go, so that’s why it’s been slow moving. But I definitely have an end-date in mind and I’d love to see it on shelves and in bars.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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