Spies share annual Christmas card puzzle aimed to find future GCHQ codebreakers

Reckon you're good at puzzles?

The latest brainteaser is Christmas-themed which is aimed at kids to help find the next Alan Turing.

Spies at the government's listening post released its annual festive card puzzle – and it's not easy.

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Turing cracked the Nazi's Enigma during the World War Two which helped win the battle.

He was considered as the father of modern computing.

Now a series of "fiendish" Christmas conundrums cover languages, engineering, codebreaking, maths and coding have been released.

If you manage to crack them, just note these are all the skills required to be a GCHQ codebreaker…

They're included on spy chief Jeremy Fleming's official Christmas card sent to partners and allied intelligence services across the world.

He said a "mix of minds" were the key to solving the impossible tests.

Jeremy added: "Our brilliant people have worked together throughout our history to help keep the country safe."

This year's GCHQ Christmas Card Challenge gives an "insight into the skills we need every day as part of our mission".

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GCHQ's top puzzle Colin said: "We're trying to ensure the next generation have the skills needed for securing the UK in future.

"We hope that young people will enjoy the puzzles and the variety should mean kids with all sorts of interests can get involved.

"To solve the whole thing you need to have skills in a number of different areas and once you have the answers you then have to put them together to get the final answer.

"If someone manages to solve the whole thing on their own without any help, then that is terrific. If you have got a team, it will be quicker."

Thousands of pupils are set to take on the challenge.

He claimed most groups should find the solution over the course of the day.

"It was meant to be a bit of fun for Christmas," Colin concluded.

GCHQ will publish the answers on Thursday.

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